=== Incoming Giant Update! ===The battlefield has evolved again with our giant April, năm ngoái update!

Continuing from "Attack on Girl" và "Attack to Conquer 3D," the 3rd & last installment in the Attack On Titan games is here. The high-quality 3DCG has improved from past installments, and players around the world can battle together through the network.

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* Superb 3DCG QualityOperating tốc độ remains the same, but higher image chất lượng has been implemented.

* Online Simultaneous Collaborative PlayNow, friends and players around the world can enjoy playing together through the network"s online play feature, By setting privacy preferences, it is also possible lớn play only with friends.

* Equipment CustomizationNow, equipment can be enhanced & combined by using coins & raw materials acquired on missions.

* Character and Equipment Gotchas Equipment và characters may be unlocked through "gotchas."

* Character SkillsSkills can be used after a certain period of time elapses on a mission or requirements are met. Chất lượng skills have been created for each character.

* QuestsThis time, with the new "Quests" feature, new stages will be unlocked at certain times. Some quests are only accessible on certain days of the week or weekends.

* UpdatesThe story in Mission Mode is five chapters long at present, but expansions are planned for future updates. Each update will địa chỉ on new features and new stages.

_User Guide_

- Camera ControlWith your right hand, you can drag the screen và rotate the camera. You can drag it left và right to turn it side khổng lồ side, và drag up và down khổng lồ change the camera zoom.

- RunningYou can walk và run by dragging the the lower left pad.

- AnchoringTap a Wall or a Titan marker once.

- Winding Anchor (Jumping)Use the lower left pad lớn move in all directions.

- Cutting Titans at the Nape of the NeckHit the weak point marker at the nape of a Titan"s neck with an anchor, sneak around back, & long press the action button.

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- Cutting Titans" Leg TendonsHit the weak point marker on a Titan"s leg with an anchor và long press the kích hoạt button, or approach the Titan from behind & long press the kích hoạt button.

- Locking On TitansWhen you have gotten close enough to lớn a Titan, press the blue button in the lower right of the screen.When not in lock-on range, the camera will return to lớn its previous viewpoint.

- Using SkillsWhen enough accumulates in the Skill Gauge in the upper left of the screen, the lower right Skill Button will change from gray to green. When the Skill Button is pushed in that situation, a Skill will be activated.

- Avoiding TitansWhen you defenselessly walk in front of a Titan, you will be grabbed by the Titan.

- Rescuing Others from Titans (Online Only)If another player is seized by a Titan, you can attack the Titan & make it release the other player.

- RollingYou may roll by pressing the action Button while running. While rolling you can move at high speed, and become invincible for a short time, but usage is limited because it uses up large quantities of compressed gas.

- Compressed Gas Cylinder ReplacementWhen a gas cylinder runs out, press the action Button to lớn change the cylinder.

- Blade ReplacementWhen a blade breaks, press the kích hoạt Button lớn replace it.

- SalutingWhen standing on ground with nothing else on it, you can press the kích hoạt Button to lớn salute.

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========This game belongs khổng lồ the Attack on Titan group, và has absolutely no relation to lớn the original authors or publication companies.Also, all of the graphics & models used in this game are our own work. All sound effects và music were lent to lớn us by the following sites.We are extremely grateful to lớn all of the authorized persons who created the wonderful original work & world materials for lending them khổng lồ us.