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Hello Mobo gang welcome back! This guide will show you how to build the best offensive Blade Master for both PvE và PvP. in Blade & Soul Revolution.

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The build is great for anyone who wants khổng lồ play a balanced character as it will give sầu your blade master great damage, lots of crowd control including double aerial combos, tankiness and sustainability. Just expect your enemies to lớn be running away from you most of the time & trying lớn dodge your skills. The build is extremely strong in both PvE & PvP against all classes. I'll show you the build first then skill rotation at the kết thúc.

I recommend maxing out the shoulder charge skill tree as it will give sầu your aerial combos a lot more damage. You will have 2 knockups in this build so you can get into lớn a lot of aerial combos. Then I would max the Soaring Falcon skill tree and put about 15 points into each of the skills under the Rush skill tree. Then max out Lightning Draw for the huge burst damage.

Rush use variant 1 for the movement tốc độ buff in PvPhường but you can use variant 3 in PvE for the extra damage unless you're purposely playing a tank then use variant 2 for the threat buff.

Flash step use variant 2 for the PvP. piercing buff of 10% for 15 seconds or variant 1 for the extra damage in PvE.

Storm Surge only 1 choice of variant 1 which gives additional damage decrease of 15% for 15 seconds.

Flochồng of Blades take variant 2 only if you have sầu variant 2 for Lightning Rod, otherwise just take variant 1 for the damage.

For whirling Scourge you don't have a choice here either but variant 1 reduces your damage by 10% for 15 seconds.

For passives max attaông xã power 3, attack power 2, piercing & accuracy, the rest inlớn critical hit 2 & 1.

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For legendary pets use either one of the dragons for attaông xã power and crit, you can also use Wukong when it comes khổng lồ PvP. as it is by far the best against other players. For heroic pets, you will want khổng lồ ayên for either the awakened infernal lord for the pvp stats or blossom for the crit bonus.

For a PvP weapon get either one of the dueling swords under rare or heroic & if you want a weapon for everything then use the Divine sword for the attaông xã power boost và if you cant get a heroic weapon, then use the profane sword for the piercing boost, keep in mind you need to enhance them past màn chơi 10 to lớn get that bonus. Go for the Cliffrender weapon if you are able to lớn get your hands on a legendary weapon.

For rare accessories go for 7 pieces of Fracture phối for the Atk bonus or indomitable for the pvp atk bonus. For heroic go for 7 pieces of the Release phối for the attaông chồng or Ivory Spirit for the pvp attaông chồng. As for legendary you will want the Mushin mix.

For your Soul Shield mix you will want to alặng for midnight skypetal plains for the rare phối and sacred longgui for the heroic phối as they both give huge attaông chồng power boosts.

Start off with using blochồng to lớn get your 10% attack power buff for 15 seconds và use winged protector khổng lồ get your damage reduction & movement speed buff. Follow up with a quick Soaring Falcon to lớn gap cthất bại then use Five sầu point strike then into rồng tongue for a full bộ which will knoông chồng up your enemy. Most likely your enemy will quichồng escape this knockup though. From here on you will want to lớn use Rush into Spinning Slash inlớn Flash step lớn get your 10% pvp piercing buff. Then use Shoulder charge khổng lồ stun your enemy which they might recover out of that one too, but now you can use upward thrust to guarantee a knockup since you know your enemy has already used their recoveries. Then finish the aerial full bộ with Rising Eagle & Asckết thúc. Then get one last hit in with Breaching Dash which should be active sầu from your last combo.

Try to lớn use Blochồng & pierce whenever you see your enemy is about lớn attachồng, also use your normal attaông xã Breeze in between each skill cast to get some extra hits off and lifesteal a bit.

Also don't forget lớn use your evasion skills either to lớn minimize your damage taken, especially if you see they're about to lớn use a large bộ combo or ultimate skill.

From here, there are 2 paths you can take depending on if you have variant 2 for Lightning Rod or not. If you don't have sầu variant 2 for the 3 second knockdown, then pop Bloông chồng one more time lớn get your 10% attachồng power buff and use Lightning Draw khổng lồ get into lớn your ultimate stance. We won't be staying in the ultimate stance for very long so you have to lớn be very quick here, when you get inlớn your ultimate, use Flock of Blades first khổng lồ giảm giá khuyến mãi massive damage, then whirling scourage for a 10% damage reduction buff followed up with Lightning Rod for AOE damage over time circle. Immediately use Blochồng khổng lồ get back inlớn your base stance & use shoulder charge to lớn stun the enemy and then use upward thrust lớn knochồng the enemy up for an aerial combo. The reason we didn't use storm surge is because enemy's can easily dodge the skill & leave you vulnerable mid cast. Atleast this way, we can keep the enemy locked up inside lightning rod.

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However if you did have sầu variant 2 for the knockdown after your first skill rotation in the base stance, then use block to get your attachồng power buff. Use Lightning Draw to enter your ultimate stance. Use Floông xã of Blades & Whirling Scourge first then use lightning rod khổng lồ knoông chồng down the enemy for 3 seconds and then finally use storm surge to AOE them down. After storm surge, you can use bloông xã to get baông chồng into lớn your normal stance và repeat your first skill combo.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful and given you some insight on how you can build your Blade Master in Blade and Soul Revolution. Good luck on getting the game started right & let me know what you think of the character you chose in the comments below. Also don't forget khổng lồ drop a like on the video clip if you enjoyed this và subscribe for more. Until next time my friends, peace!

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