App NameBlade và Soul Revolution
GenreRole Playing
Latest Version3.00.024.3
Mod infoUnlimited Money
UpdateApril 22, 2022 (8 months ago)

If you are a fan hâm mộ of Korean culture & want to immerse yourself in gaming products packed with top-rated graphics, then you should try Blade và Soul Revolution from Netmarble. This is one of the most popular titles of RPGs (role-playing games) & MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role-playing games). This game was rolled out on the Korean market in 2008. Not until 2020 was the global version of the game officially launched.

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If you are getting into trouble with restricted jurisdiction and cannot get access lớn this exciting role-playing game, then our Blade & Soul Revolution is available for you to get the most out of this title.

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The Game’s Plot


The trò chơi from Netmarble tells us about the evil goddess called Jinsoyun and the magic sword. The goddess has been looking for the powerful Twilight Sword with an ambition to dominate the world. However, the secret of the blade is well-known and everyone yearns for it. This leads khổng lồ endless conflict & an outbreak of battles among aspiring seekers.

You will be embodied in a seeker who is going on searching for the magic sword lớn hold the ultimate power in Blade & Soul Revolution.

The Gameplay


When getting lớn the entry of Blade và Soul Revolution, you always need lớn choose your character. Pick up the one that you prefer and set out on your adventure. You will travel khổng lồ different regions where you have lớn fight against mysterious monsters. During your playing session, your strength và skills can be honed gradually, allowing you to lớn keep up with the increasing difficulty of the next levels.

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It is necessary for you to collect combos during your journey. By doing that, you can combine them lớn create high-damage and effective power to win against enemies.

When you reach cấp độ 30, you can experience the unlocked Daily Dungeon, where you cope with hundreds of monsters & the big boss. Your experience will become more thrilling & exciting when you are at màn chơi 40. At that time, the trò chơi will offer you 3 warriors to accompany you during your conquest.

At a specific time of the game, you will encounter the boss. Kill the boss and accumulate points, which you can use khổng lồ unlock valuable items or nâng cấp your character with more effective skills lượt thích Defense, HP, & damage stats.

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Blade và Soul Revolution is widely appreciated thanks lớn its meticulous design. The character system is vivid và lifelike, making players’ experiences more engaging. Moreover, the in-game effects are impressive, especially in the fierce & ruthless battles among gamers. You can hear the scream, the metal crash, & so much more in high-quality.

Download Blade và Soul Revolution for Android

Our Blade & Soul Revolution lifts all the barriers that refrain players from getting under the skill of the aspiring seeker who are in tìm kiếm for the magic sword. Get the app for không tính tiền right on our website & enjoy the ever-lasting moments with this immersive role-playing game!