Well, for a start, developer ActionSquare has opted khổng lồ remove all microtransactions – which is a welcome change considering Blade II comes with a £20 asking price. Too many games these days opt to lớn charge an asking price and slot in microtransactions, but in an attempt to give the trò chơi a much better chance of success both on console and in the West, the studio clearly wants to lớn avoid the negative backlash that often comes with such a decision (*cough* NBA 2K19 *cough*).

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What’s left is a highly polished action RPG that does its best khổng lồ marry cinematic cutscenes with over-the-top combos & myriad, trope-filled fantasy settings. Rather than offering you access khổng lồ a larger and more open dungeon, each cấp độ is instead presented as a linear path that leads to a final battle with a boss battle. Sometimes you’ll be fighting across the cobblestone streets và wooden rooftops of a Bloodborne-aping town, or battling through lava-filled canyons, but you’re always along a predetermined corridor like a blade-swinging rat in a maze. This is, after all, a title with mobile ancestry, but it’s odd that a trò chơi that’s aiming for triple-A production values is often more restrictive than, say, Victor Vran: Overkill Edition.


Combat manages khổng lồ walk the line between button-bashing và actual tactical inputs, which makes it palatable khổng lồ both less experienced players looking lớn smash a werewolf in the face with your fists, and those hoping to lớn exact well-timed combos. There are four heroes to lớn choose from – the Gladiator, Assassin, Wizard and Fighter – with each one possessing three chất lượng special moves và a slew of quality moves to combo together. The Assassin, for instance, can điện thoại tư vấn up a crowd-clearing sea of chain blades, which can make all the difference when you’re facing off against a super-tough stage quái nhân in the latter acts.

As you cấp độ up, you’ll unlock new moves in the skill tree, which you can purchase with gold dropped by fallen enemies. With no transactions in this version of the game, the drop rates for gold are a lot higher, as is the rarity of gear you’ll earn for completing missions. As a nice touch, you’ll keep the XP earned in a cấp độ when you die và have to return lớn the start. It’s a consolation prize for sure, but one that won"t punish less combo savvy players.

Most levels last for around two-to-three minutes each, which is considerably less than we’re used khổng lồ with the likes of Diablo III. However, load times are very fast so even if you’re not looking for a quick dose of action on a commute, it doesn’t take long lớn string missions together. The problem is, stages are reused a little too often, so even though there are seven acts (each with 10 missions per act), you’ll fight through the same street & end up in the same town square, even if the final quái thú you’re fighting is a little different. Considering how strong the character animations are – và how strong the overall presentation is – something had khổng lồ give on a di động budget, & this was clearly it.


Performance-wise, Blade II runs really well. There’s very little blurring, screen-tearing or general slowdown, mainly because the game was designed with less powerful chipsets in mind. There are some low-res textures here and there, & they’re more obvious when playing in docked mode, but even then they’re never enough to lớn detract from the smoothness of the overall, combo-chaining experience.


While there are a fair few top-down dungeon crawlers and action RPGs on Switch today, there’s always room for more – especially when they fly in the face of smartphone gaming’s unpredictable unique levels. And while Blade II"s aesthetic is nothing new – in fact, we’d say Bloodborne & The Witcher III are really having their style cramped – the chất lượng of its presentation and performance on Switch really makes up for it. Its slick and fast combat has plenty of depth khổng lồ offer, but it’s let down by samey & uncreative cấp độ designs that repeat themselves far too often.

Good 7/10

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Wed 26th Jun 2019

Stick to Victor Vran or Diablo 3 if you are wanting some high quality top down loot games on the go.


Wed 26th Jun 2019

Sounds lượt thích a fun game. What is the frame rate? Is it targeting 30fps or 60fps? Is it single player only? I"m curious to lớn try this one out.


Wed 26th Jun 2019

Sounds lượt thích it"s worth playing, but not at the current asking price. It"s going on the list.

Wed 26th Jun 2019

This looks lượt thích a decent game, obviously nowhere near as packed with content as the games it’s being compared to, but $20 is a bit steep for a mobile port.

I’d have to try a kiểm tra before I bite at that price point.

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Wed 26th Jun 2019

I think I wait for Minecraft Dungeons for my next Diablo type game. This does look good at a discount.

Wed 26th Jun 2019

Has Diablo 3 even gone on sale. I"d buy but I want a discount this late in the game

sixrings usually like 1/2 off. You can also find a decent khuyến mãi on it physically if you look around. It"s $37 on Amazon U.SWed 26th Jun 2019

It appears to lớn be stuck at a choppy 30fps. Bummer, could"ve been interesting. I know it isn"t easy to lớn program games, but with Diablo out there with 4 player coop at 60fps it"s hard lớn want khổng lồ play this. As another sort of vị trí cao nhất down mobile to Switch game I"d recommend Implosion. It looks really nice at 60fps và is fun to lớn play.

Wed 26th Jun 2019

Glad for the review. I couldnt even tell what type of gameplay it has from the useless e-shop images. I had fun with diablo & torchlight in the olden days, but this genre no longer interest me.

Wed 26th Jun 201960frames-please Implosion is good fun. Grabbed it on sale awhile back. Nice to see someone give it a shoutout.Wed 26th Jun 2019

Looks lượt thích every other The không tính phí Generic điện thoại stuff. At least on smartphone you can try it for free

"studio clearly wants to lớn avoid the negative backlash that often comes with such a decision (cough NBA 2K19 cough)"

Best Selling games in USA:All Platforms 12 Months Ended May 2019

1. Red Dead Redemption 22. điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: black Ops 43. NBA 2K194. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate5. Madden NFL 19

Thu 27th Jun 2019

Am interested in this one, I own diablo 3 but the fact that Iv been playing it since the PC release in 2012 makes me want khổng lồ try any new slash & hack rpg the switch is offering.

Yasarx - May I recommend (been mentioned a few times in this thread too) Torchlight? It"s from the original creators of the Diablo franchise, so there is a lot to love from it if you were a fan hâm mộ of Diablo 2.Thu 27th Jun 2019

Downloaded my copy day 1 but no time lớn dive into it yet. Still wondering around the massive post trò chơi in Dragon"s Dogma.

Kang81 yeah its a port không tính tiền to play di động game not available in the U.S. Just pay a few less bucks and get 9 parchments or go all in & get Diablo 3.Thu 27th Jun 2019

Not a great header image choice in my opinion. How many screenshots were included in the press pack 6? 12?

Pick the one that best represents the game, not a developers wet dream.

Thu 27th Jun 2019

Actually, there"s a rather good reason for me to lớn get this trò chơi over "Diablo III." Diablo is rated M, while this is rated T. I refuse khổng lồ play M rated games.

Anyway, I"m confused about the differences between this reviews and the only other one available right now on Digitally Downloaded. That đánh giá claims the game is trash.

While some of his complaints are silly (a game like this doesn"t need longer levels or a thrilling narrative, and replaying levels for màn chơi achievements is perfectly acceptable game design to lớn lengthen a game"s appeal), he also rants on the game"s combat system and performance. You claim that it has fun and balanced combat and good performance, while he claims the combat is broken and unbalanced (such as overly weak standard attacks, special attacks that don"t differ enough from each other, & the block/counterattack mechanic being too unreliable) with rather poor performance và animation. Who is closer lớn the truth? I guess I"ll have khổng lồ wait for some more review to come in.

Paraka Thanks for the recommendation, i played Torchlight 1 and 2 and if it is coming khổng lồ switch that will be really nice.60frames-please Implosion is a port of a điện thoại game. Are you being serious right now, or is your username some gimmick joke about the state of frames per second in the video game industry & gaming in general?Herman187 My user name is a joke and serious. I think it"s kind of funny. I also really like 60fps smoothness. I don"t lượt thích fighting or arguing with people, especially online. So I try khổng lồ joke about it, but I really vày strongly prefer 60fps graphics no matter what compromises have to lớn be made to get khổng lồ that cấp độ of smoothness.Kang81 Torchlight 2 was the reason I stopped playing Diablo 3 a few months after I launched. Torchlight was way more fun & having the ability khổng lồ send your pet lớn town lớn sell items or buy potions was a trò chơi changer.Xombie13

I forgot about that, but even though I own it on PC, I barely played it. M&K just kills my wrists, so I never really played on PC. Now I don’t even own a PC anymore as I can do everything I need on my điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh or tablet. I was also tired of having my PC’s die after a few years of moderate use.

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I feel Diablo style games are best with a controller, và I was always bummed Torchlight 2 never made it lớn consoles. Especially considering how well Torchlight 1 worked on the Xbox 360.

Kang81 I would use an Xbox 360 controller with a dongle and bản đồ the keys to the buttons, because I have the same problem with wrist pain.Sun 1st Dec 2019

I just downloaded this game today & it is good. Fighting likens và other underworldly demons is very nice. Very nice...hi 5!