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With this build, most enemies are dead before they reach you. This Outlander kills at range while keeping enemies at cất cánh.

The build offensively rules with Long Range Mastery, Akimbo, Marksmanship, Dual Wielding, huge amount of Strength, & of course, Dual Pistol.

It keeps enemies at distance with Rune Vault, Bramble Wall, Repulsion Hex.

Finally, it is supported by Shadowlings, Stone Pact, Share the Wealth Dodge Mastery.


Strength (325 Stat Points)

Put massive sầu points on this stat lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi huge amount of weapon & critical hit damage.

Dexterity (1đôi mươi Stat Points)

Why only 1trăng tròn Stat points?

Too much dexterity plus Charge, Dodge Mastery and Share the Wealth won’t add more to lớn dodge chance.

You get more critical hit chance from Charge, Share the Wealth and Outlander armor set.

Finally, you will get more dexterity from Outlander armor mix.

Vitality (50 Stat Points)

You’re going khổng lồ need some vitality if planning to play elite difficulty.


Warfare (40 Skill Points)

Rune Vault (10 Skill Points): Your active sầu skill for escaping danger, it allows you to lớn move away backward leaving enemies blinded và knockbaông xã.Long Range Mastery (15 Skill Points): Permanently increases the range và damage of your pistol. Max this skill first.Akimbo (15 Skill Points): Permanently increases the damage and chance khổng lồ exedễ thương with pistol. It allows your Outlander lớn often strike with both pistol even without focus stats. Max this skill first.

Lore (31 Skill Points)

Bramble Wall (5 Skill Points): This skill keeps your enemy at range distance. Just put 5 skill points for resource efficiency.Dodge Mastery (10 Skill Points): It increases your dodge chance permanently. This is helpful since the build only distributes 120 stat points to dexterity.Poison Burst (1 Skill Point): A single point is enough khổng lồ put some chance to khuyến mãi poison damage when you kill enemy.Share the Wealth (15 Skill Points): The passive shares your charge benefits khổng lồ you and your allies. It makes your character stronger & your allies thankful for your presence.

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Sigil (61 Skill Points)

Repulsion Hex (5 Skill Points): The hex pushes baông chồng enemies that draw too near, keeping them at bay. Skill has a chance to lớn cause flee and interrupt on enemies.Stone Pact (15 Skill Points): Overall defensive sầu skill for the whole party providing health recovery, bonus khổng lồ all armor, and damage reflect baông chồng on attacker. A must-have sầu for the group.Shadowling Brute (15 Skill Points): The Shadowlings sumtháng will take care of melee combat for you. Having some companion divides your enemies making your Outlander lesser prone to damage. Brute is your main companion powered by Death Ritual lớn increase its damage more và makes it always available.Shadowling Ammo (11 Skill Points): Put all your remaining skill points here. It grants chance to spawn Shadowling Bats when you kill enemy. The passive skill allows you to lớn spawn multiple Shadowlings that can swarm enemies. The skill complements with Death Ritual passive.Death Ritual (15 Skill Points): The passive sầu power up for your Shadowlings, it increases their damage và summon duration.

Spell Tome

Spell: Haste: The spell allows you to lớn move sầu và attachồng faster. Mainly, what I lượt thích about the spell is the movement tốc độ bonus & the cooldown.Tome: Marksmanship: Permanently increases the power of your range weapon.Tome: Dual Wielding: Permanently increases the power of your pistols as long as it is dual wielded.Tome: Animal Handling: The tome permanently powers up your pet và shadowlings.

Equipment Affixes Priority

Dual Wield Pistol: The main required equipment for this build is to dual pistol. The most high over weapon of course is recommended.Health stolen on hit: Having health stolen on hit is a must for survival. You need it for insurance even the build has the skill to keep enemies at range distance.Attachồng speed: Attaông chồng speed increases your damage per second and health stolen on hit.Critical hit chance: More critical hit chance is still welcome for this build to let you damage more. Bonus power khổng lồ pet and minions: Don’t forget khổng lồ power up your companion because they contribute really well lớn your survival.

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DANIEL on February 06, 2020:

I wonder, how is the aoe clear? its mostly single target theres no aoe

Tearanis_trauernicht on July 12, 2019:

Hey Arc Does the focus matter i didn't see it up in the stats area?

Arc Sosangyo (author) on May 17, 2018:

roan - yes it can hold its own on elite.

roan on May 16, 2018:

thank you for your response i love sầu this build has it also been tested for elite

Arc Sosangyo (author) on May 11, 2018:

Roan - This build can work with any kind of weapons & armor, as long as you are using dual pistols.

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roan on May 10, 2018:

what weapons an armor should i have sầu at the end

Arc Sosangyo (author) on February 21, 2018:

Avsha - I designed this build to lớn rely on basic attacks. But don't get me wrong, Rapid Fire is a good skill.