Call Of Duty: Strike Team Apk For Android

Call of Duty returns to mobile, this time it’s not a simple optimised version of the console. Strike Team offers a stand-alone story with its own mechanics & gameplay. Downloading can be difficult if you haven’t already bought it.

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Tactical view

For a di động game, CoD has an impressive amount of detail. The graphics are comparable to lớn any console edition. You have plenty of upgrades và customisations.

There are some unique mechanics và side quests you won’t find anywhere else. Players can switch perspectives to manage squad members at the same time.


Clean interface

If you’re downloading from an app android source, it might be a little complicated to lớn start the game. You’ll see an error screen at initial launch.

That is due lớn inconsistent data placement. You’ll need lớn locate the application thư mục first, then copy all the trò chơi files into a separate location to lớn play the game.

The controls will feel smooth and intuitive for veteran di động gamers. For those who have played CoD only on console or PC, it may take some time. The good thing is, they have many different control options, including auto-aim.

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Packed with single player missions

The only downside of this game is that you don’t have a co-op mode. Multiplayer is a major element of CoD, but the numerous campaign activities biến hóa for that. If you’re a tín đồ of the series, you’ll enjoy playing this installment of the franchise.



Title:Call of Duty: Strike Team 2.0.1 for AndroidRequirements:Android 4.1.1,Android 3.2,Android 4.3,Android 3.1,Android 4.2,Android 4.0,Android 2.0.1,Android 3.3,Android 2.1,Android 2.3,Android 4.1,Android 4.2.2,Android 4.1.2,Android 4.2.1,Android 3.0,Android 2.2Language:EnglishLicense:FreeLatest update:Wednesday, February 17th 2021Author:Activision Publishing Inc.

Download options:APKSHA-1:9c1c9d0e17a5cc02eca86f97c2db140cd20ca553Filename:callofdutystriketeam.apk

Call of Duty: Strike Team apk for Android


Activision Publishing Inc.(Free)

User ratingUser Rating10

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