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PC Cheats for Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom are listed here for archiving and recording purposes. Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom is a City Building Strategy Clip game developed by Breakaway Games & released by Sierra Entertainment in 2002 for Windows. Emperor is sixth và last of the series of 2 chiều City Builders, and was the first to lớn introduce multiplayer option in the genre.

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Rise of the Middle Kingdom, just lượt thích its predecessors is phối in the ancient times, & this time around in Xia to Song-Jin Dynasties of China. ERoTMK also featured house evolution, walkers, market economy, natural disasters và strategic armies like in traditional RTS games. Press Ctrl + Alt + C during the game và in the chat box & type-in these codes.

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To activate the cheats listed below, press Ctrl + Alt + C in-game lớn bring up the chat box & type-in these cheats:


For quick loads of money without the cheats, build a Tax Office. It requires paper resource và hemp. Build the necessary industries và make your Tax Collector collect the abusive tax.

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To avoid unnecessary damage to lớn structures & death to lớn your population, vị not build near large rivers & wild animal locations. Also make sure that your heroes & local gods gets their tribute at least as soon as possible. Build Security & Engineers in strategic locations to combat earthquake aftermath and from homeless muggers losing their houses after a disaster.
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