Town Hall 9 All Bases Links For Clash Of Clans


By TH9 you fall in love with the clash of clans. It is at this time that you wonder if you can reach town hall 9 max levels quickly và orderly. You also want to lớn score better for your clan in clan war leagues.

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At Town hall 9 you unlock 13 new buildings. It is at this town hall that you cross that 100 buildings mark for the first time. You will love designing your base with the 101 buildings that will occupy more than 80% of your base now.

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Town hall 9 max levels of defensesTown hall 9 max anh hùng levelsHow long does it take to max town hall 9?

Should you Max Town Hall 9?

You might get surprised by this question but many clashers want lớn know if they should max out their town hall 9 & move lớn the next town hall.

The answer is simple – It depends. If this is regarding your main account then you should level up in your game. However, many clashers have a second account. They use the second tài khoản to participate in clan war leagues. The sole reason is that it will give them less war weight thereby placing them against weaker clans.

This way, your clan can easily score against weaker clans & win clan wars League medals. This is called engineered base strategy. If you want to try this strategy then overstay at town hall 9 until your main account is maxed out.

If you want lớn upgrade lớn the next town hall then kiểm tra out max levels of your resource buildings, army buildings, defenses, heroes, troops, spells, và traps.

Town hall 9 max levels danh sách of Resource buildings

Town Hall 9 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. Of Buildings
Elixir Collector127
Gold Mine127
Elixir Storage114
Gold Storage114
Dark Elixir Drill63
Dark Elixir Storage61
You will unlock your seventh và final elixir collector at TH9. You need lớn upgrade it khổng lồ max màn chơi 12.Similarly, your gold mine number would also reach its peak point at seven. You need to upgrade the final gold mine to level 12.You will unlock your fourth và final elixir storage at TH9. You need to max it out to màn chơi 11.Your fourth and final gold storage will also be available at town hall 9. Upgrade and max it out khổng lồ 11 levels.You will unlock your third & final dark elixir drill at town hall 9. Tăng cấp the three drills to lớn max level 6.Your only dark elixir storage will also see two upgrades khổng lồ max out at cấp độ 6.

Town hall 9 max levels các mục of army buildings

Town Hall 9 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. Of Buildings
Army Camp74
Spell Factory41
Clan Castle51
Dark Barracks51
Dark Spell Factory41
Your barracks will move lớn the next cấp độ i.e. Cấp độ 11 và unlock the baby dragon.After passing through three town halls, your army camps will finally get an upgrade at TH9. These will max out at cấp độ 7. The four-level 7 army camps will increase your army kích thước to 220 units.Following the previous town hall patterns, your dark barracks will see two upgrades yet again at TH9. You will max them out at màn chơi 6. The two new dark elixir troops unlocked at TH9 are Witch and Lava hound.The laboratory will max out at màn chơi 7.Your spell factory will move up one màn chơi to the fourth level. Interestingly it will unlock two spells in just one upgrade. These will be jump spells & freeze spells.Your dark spell factory will see two upgrades and reach max level 4. Two dark spells haste và skeleton will be unlocked.Your clan castle will reach max cấp độ 5 at TH9. Your CC capacity will increase lớn 30 units.

Town hall 9 max levels of defenses

Town Hall 9 DefensesLevelsNo. Of Buildings
Archer Tower116
Air Defense74
Wizard Tower74
Air Sweeper52
Hidden Tesla74
Bomb Tower31
Your five cannon will max out at level 11. Its màu sắc will turn black.You will unlock one new archer tower at TH9. The six archer tower will reach a peak level of 11.Your four mortars will reach màn chơi 7 at town hall 9.Your four air defenses will also reach the max level of 7.You will unlock the fourth wizard tower at TH9. The four wizard towers will peak at cấp độ 7.Your second và final air sweeper will unlock at TH9. Both units will reach the max level of 5.A Fourth hidden tesla will be available at town hall 9. The four hidden teslas can now be upgraded to max màn chơi 7.X-bow is the newest defense you unlock at Town hall 9. The two x-bow will cảm biến a peak cấp độ of 3 at TH 9.Your only bomb tower will tăng cấp to level 3.

Town Hall 9 Max Levels Walls

You will have 250 walls at màn chơi 9 max on TH9.

TH9 tăng cấp list and levels of Traps

Town Hall 9 TrapsLevelsNo. Of Traps
Spring Trap36
Air Bomb44
Giant Bomb34
Seeking Air Mine24
Skelton Trap32
Your six bombs will move lớn the next màn chơi of 6.Your six spring traps will reach level 3.Your four air bombs will peak at level 4 at TH9.You will unlock your fourth giant bomb at town hall 9. You need khổng lồ upgrade it to cấp độ 3 max.Two seeking air mines will now be available. The four seeking air mines will reach level 2.Upgrade your two skeleton traps khổng lồ the next màn chơi of 3.

Town hall 9 max levels of elixir troops

Town Hall 9 TroopsTH9 Troop Levels
Wall Breaker5
Baby Dragon2
Barbarian will peak at màn chơi 6.Archer will max out at màn chơi 6.Giants will have a max cấp độ of 6.Goblin will also touch level 6.Balloons will also upgrade to cấp độ 6.Wizards will move to lớn 6 levels.The healer will show their worth after peaking at level 4.Dragon will become more powerful after they cảm ứng their max cấp độ of 4.PEKKA will move one cấp độ higher to level 4.Baby dragon will be unlocked và upgraded to màn chơi 2.

Dark Elixir Troops highest levels at town hall 9

Town Hall 9 Dark TroopsTH9 Dark Elixir Troop Levels
Hog Rider5
Lava Hound2
Minion will touch màn chơi 5.Hog rider will go to màn chơi 5.Valkyrie will see two upgrades và move to level 4.Golem too will have two upgrades before moving to peak màn chơi 4.The witch will upgrade lớn max level 2.Lava hound will become might for town hall 9 at max màn chơi 2.

Elixir Spells Upgrades at Town hall cấp độ 9

Town Hall 9 SpellsTH9 Spell Levels
Light Spell6
Healing Spell6
Rage Spell5
Jump Spell1
Freeze Spell2
The lightning spell will reach màn chơi 6.The healing spell will touch cấp độ 6.Rage spell won’t see any nâng cấp at town hall 9.Jump spell will also see no upgrade.The freeze spell will go to cấp độ 2.

Town hall 9 Max Levels of Dark Elixir Spells

Town Hall 9 Dark SpellsTH9 Dark Elixir Spell Levels
Poison Spell3
Earthquake Spell3
Haste Spell2
Poison spell will move one màn chơi up to level 3.Earthquake spell will follow the same path và reach màn chơi 3.Haste spell will become useable at max level 2.

Town hall 9 max nhân vật levels

Town Hall 9 HeroesTH9 anh hùng Levels
Barbarian King30
Archer Queen30

You will unlock your second anh hùng at Town hall 9 – The mighty Archer queen. It is probably the most efficient hero in the game. Most people favor the royal champion too but I find archer queen as the best hero.

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Town hall 9 Barbarian king max level

Your barbarian king will see a whooping twenty upgrades at Town hall 9. You can say that your one builder will spend the entire time upgrading your king from level 10 lớn a max màn chơi of 30.

Town Hall 9 Archer Queen Max Level

As if upgrading king was not enough, you have to lớn spend your entire TH9 stay in looting a hell of a lot of dark elixirs as you need to max out your queen to level 30. This is no joke. Only serious players can now move forward. Vì chưng not tăng cấp your town hall from level 9 to màn chơi 10 if your heroes are not maxed out.

How long does it take lớn max town hall 9?

After seeing the level và time taken by heroes tăng cấp you might think that you will spend months at TH9.

But this is not the case.

If you play your game wisely then you can reduce this time significantly.

With two builders you will max out town hall 9 in 3 months 11 days 11 hours.

With just one additional builder you can reduce the task khổng lồ 2 months 7 days & 15 hours.

Four builders will take around 1 month trăng tròn days & 17 hours lớn max out town hall 9.

Most players will have five builders by now. SO it will take you a minimum of 1 month 10 days & 14 hours to max out your TH9.

Of course, you can reduce this time by using the builder potion.

But then again, your laboratory will take 2 months & 6 hours irrespective of your builder’s speed.

How Much Gold vị I need lớn max out TH9?

You will cảm ứng the 100.66 million gold mark at town hall 9. Your walls will consume 4.78 million gold. After that, you can divide 75 million resources among gold & elixir to upgrade your walls.

How Much Elixir bởi vì I need lớn max out TH9?

You will need 75.8 million elixirs to max your town hall 9 bases. Please note that we have not added the elixir used khổng lồ upgrade walls. Around 29.35 million elixirs will be used by the laboratory.

How Much Dark Elixir bởi I need to max out TH9?

Around 1.99 million dark elixirs will be required by your lớn max out your town hall 9 base. Your laboratory will ask for only 302K dark elixir.

It is your heroes that will demand 1.69 million dark elixir to lớn touch max levels.

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You bởi vì need to lớn follow our attack strategies to lớn max out your base in the fastest amount of time.