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You can find the complete list of the working Arena Codes right now on this page. Be quiông xã, redeem them lớn get a lot of không tính phí rewards, and have a better start in the game!

How to lớn redeem codes?

All Working Aremãng cầu Codes

dwn8ekefbd – 30 Summon Scrolls + 888 Diamonds + 8888 Labyrinth Coins + 8888 Hero Coins – Added on Jube 30.

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Xiaban886 – 500 Diamonds – Added on May trăng tròn, 2021uf4shqjngq – 30 Summon Scrolls – Added on May 1.Ch3atc0de – 100 Diamonds + 100k Gold – Added in April.d14m0nd5 – 100 Diamonds + 100k Gold – Added in April.311j4hw00d – 100 Diamonds + 100k Gold – Added in April.xmasl00t – 100 Diamonds + 100k Gold – Added in April.Badlijey666 – 100 Diamonds + 100k Gold – Added in April.101nc107h – 100 Diamonds + 100k Gold – Added in April.mangago.vn888 – 300 Diamonds – Added on April 15.misevj66yi – 500 Diamonds + 5 Summon Scrolls + 1 Rare Hero – Added in 2019.

In case you don’t want khổng lồ miss out any Aremãng cầu giftcodes, enter your gmail address in the size below và I will sover you a quichồng email whenever there is any new code available (No spam guaranteed).

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How to enter codes in Arena?

Since December 1, Lilithgames has changed the way to lớn redeem the codes in Arena. The redemption code button has been removed and players now need to lớn use an external trang web khổng lồ get the rewards! Kindly following these steps khổng lồ get the rewards using the codes we provided above:


Go lớn the Settings tab, tap on the Confirmation Code button, and enter the shown code khổng lồ the website’s second box. The code will be valid for 2 minutes so you will enough time khổng lồ enter it!
Press “Log In” button.Enter the redeem gift codes from our above sầu danh sách then press “Redeem” khổng lồ get the rewards!Clalặng the rewards via your in-game mailbox.Enjoy!

How to lớn find my UID in-game?

Kindly open your avatar in the game (located at the top left on the screen), you will easily see your trương mục UID there:



How khổng lồ make the most of Codes?

Most players use these không tính phí codes for getting just a little bit of không lấy phí resources and slowly build up the accounts. Who doesn’t like không tính tiền stuff, right?

However, there are also a lot of players who rely on them lớn create a svào trương mục at the starting of the new servers by creating multiple new accounts và uses the shared codes above khổng lồ summon heroes until they get the best Heroes on Arena Tier List to compete with others in PvPhường. activities easier.

Although doing this could actually give sầu you much easier gameplay, I don’t recommend doing it because you will not have enough time to enjoy the game as you would always be looking for the new servers for more opportunities.

Simply just play the game normally & enjoy these free resources as the additional power for your trương mục.

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There are a lot of svào teams that vị not require super rare heroes lớn work. If you just keep chasing the top-tier heroes whenever a new VPS is opened, you will never actually enjoy the game! Aremãng cầu Code FAQs

Can you cheat in Arena?

Depending on the kind of cheat you are looking for. There is absolutely no gold/diamonds/power hack/cheat available. They are all fakes so ensure you are not getting scammed.

The only way to lớn increase your resources in the game immediately is lớn use the redemption codes we provide in this article.

Can the codes be used for both the official server và the test server?

The code can be used on both kinds of servers most of the time. There is only just a few rare times where you cannot use it on the chạy thử VPS.

When does Lilith dev release new codes?

There isn’t any fixed schedule for the code release. But oftentimes, the dev usually offers the codes whenever there is a new update released, a new special sự kiện coming soon or when it’s a huge holiday coming soon!

What Rewards Could I Get?

Each code gives you different rewards & they have different expiration dates. Normally, players will get a decent amount of Diamonds, Gold, Rare và Elite Hero Soulstones, and even specific Hero in some special holiday events.

Here is the danh mục of the lathử nghiệm rewards player get by redeeming the Arena codes provided by us.





mangago.vnLAUNCH60 Elite Hero Arena Global Official Launch
2019mothersday60 Elite Hero Shards2019 Mother Day
dadismangago.vn201960 Elite Hero Shards2019 Father Day
jenrmb3n3a60 Rare Hero ShardsYoutube Promotion Code
Thanksgiving20191 Epic Hero2019 Thanksgiving
pqgeimc6da30 Elite Hero Shards + GoldUnknown
mangago.vnnewyear2020Elite Hero Shards + DiamondsNew Year 2020
7xinggaozhao188 Diamonds + 10 Faction ScrollsLunar New Year 2020
66dashun188 Diamonds + Hero EssenceLunar New Year 2020
5fulinmen188 Diamonds + Hero XPLunar New Year 2020
4jipingan188 Diamonds + GoldLunar New Year 2020
3yangkaitai20đôi mươi Diamonds + Hero EssenceLunar New Year 2020
2longtengfei188 Diamonds + Hero XPLunar New Year 2020
1fanfengshun188 Diamonds + GoldLunar New Year 2020
Yuanxiao60 Elite Hero Shards + 300 DiamondsYuanxiao Festival
s7yps9phsjtrăng tròn Elite Hero Shards + 200 DiamondsUnknown
s4vyzvanha10 Elite Hero Shards + 100 DiamondsUnknown
rvgv3b8g4i60 Rare Hero ShardsUnknown
bunnyfufuu30 Elite Hero Shards + GoldYoutube Promotion Code
mangago.vn2020300x 3x 180xUnknown
tvb5zkyt471000xEaster Giveaway
u3gpi6heu61000xFacebook Contest
Happybday0409500x 10x 5x
Anniversary Code
Don000013000xDev’s Gift
te9gig7y581000xAnniversary Code
u9rfs27rd91000xFacebook Contest
ufxsqraif51000xMother’s Day
tt9wazfsbp1000xUkyo release
mrpumpkin2300x 5xMrpumpkin2 crossover
vdgf3ak6fc1000xPatch 1.39 code
vxvtzgtz6f1000xPatch 1.39 code
vm894xsucf1000xPatch 1.40 code
26dnuiw8s41000x 10xPatch 1.41 code
25pg5gnpcf1000xPatch 1.42 code
228j636fs91000xPatch 1.43 code
2gq55jii87300x 20xUSA Independence Day
2nzzy8y67v1000xSummer Gift Code
2n7gek6rtc300x 20xJuly Dev Gifts
3aghu4egje300x 20xPatch 1.44 code
3baee6v3v73000xAbyssal Expedition coming back
3gpasha3ch300x 20xNew patch gifts Aremãng cầu Chinese promotion code Arena Chinese promotion code Aremãng cầu Chinese promotion code
4rytg4u2q6300x 20xPatch 1.47 code
57kh69fhzr300x 30xPatch 1.48 code
576w235suw300x 20xAbyssal Expedition Event Code Arena x Don Diablo
65tdenbmtw300x 20xHalloween code
6wgh9ung661000xNew Expedition event
yujaeseok5x 1000x +GoldJapanese commercial
harurumangago.vn5x 1000x +GoldJapanese commercial
6u226crhtp300x 20xThanksgiving code
76shwcv6e4300x 20xNew Redemption system release
7k8n2s9bnx300x 20xPatch 1.53 code
7r3bbdqth2300x 20xChristmas Code
mangago.vnmarkiplier300x Aremãng cầu x markiplier Collab
overlord666500x 500k Arena x Overlord Collab
mangago.vnElijah500x 1000k 500Commercial
BestRPG4BusyU500x 500kCommercial
8e27shfk6b10x 888x 10x 8888x 8888xNew year gift
85de5ar9ts10x 888x 10x 8888x 8888xNew year gift
HAPPY202130xNew year gift
9biwud4xrt300x 20xLunar new year
9qgzux8k82300x 20xPatch 1.57 gift
8vws9uf6f530x 3000x2021 Lunar New Year
PERSONA5500x 500k 500PERSONA5 Collaboration
am2fc6hqmj300x 20xPatch v1.60 gift
ayqcttc36x200x 200KPatch v1.61 gift
bprc9kun5i300x 20xInternational Labor Day
aaz27uvgfi3000x 10x 10x 10xAnniversary Code
ck4kjutz6k300x 20xInternational Children Day Code
d39rqrbdcr300x 20xSummer gift
deq63bqdnu300x 20xPatch 1.66 gift
PrinceOfPersia500x 500k 500Prince Of Persia Collab

Triông chồng To Generate Gifts (No longer work)

Get extra 5x 600x 600Kx by following these simple steps.

Note: This triông xã is for Android users only. If you are using iPhone/iPad tablet, please link your tài khoản to lớn Facebook then load it on your computer using Arena PC Version then follow the steps below.

At the moment, Huawei is offering some exclusive giftcodes for all Aremãng cầu players.

After downloading & installing the Huawei AppGallery, open it, và install HMS Chip Core if required.
Go khổng lồ the Account/Me tab at the bottom right.Tap on Log in to HUAWEI ID.
Tap on Register if you don’t have sầu any HUAWEI ID tài khoản yet.Change the country/region to United Kingdom when you register your account because the rewards are currently available for UK users.Sign up using your tin nhắn address & don’t forget to verify your trương mục via the link sent to lớn your gmail.Log In using the account you have just registered.Search for Arena & install it inside Huawei AppGallery.
After installing finished, tap on the Arena hình ảnh (in the screenshot above) khổng lồ go to the Aremãng cầu page, scroll down và lớn the Benefits section. You can clayên ổn 2 rewards here, each contains 300 Diamonds + 300K Gold
Press Claim to generate your own codes then press Copy to lớn copy the code.xuất hiện the game và paste the codes you have just copied lớn get the rewards:
Go to lớn the Account Settings tab again, & change your Country/Region to lớn Singapore to lớn get the next code. Enter your password if asked.After changing your region lớn Singapore, go to lớn the game page as mentioned in step #9 và claim/copy the new Arena code.Enter the code in the game and enjoy:


You can remove the installed apps after using the codes.

Once again, this trick is for Android users only so please use Arena PC Version for it.

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Triông chồng khổng lồ get 150 Diamonds for Free!

Update: This trick is not working anymore.

Tap on your Avatar lớn open the Settings.Change your Language lớn Traditional Chinese (the 2nd line).Collecting the Rewards!Try again with Korean!


Hopefully, you have found some working Arena codes on this page và have sầu fun with this incredible game!

Feel miễn phí lớn bình luận down below If you have any questions or issues regarding to the redeeming progress. We will do our best to help you!

Also, don’t hesitate lớn nói qua with everyone else the new redemption codes you have!

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