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Information Code Tan Thien Long gives players the necessary items in the game Tan Thien Long released by VNG, the following article will guide you how khổng lồ get code game Tan Thien Long Mobile.

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On the occasion of launching on March 13, 2019, Tan Thien Long mobile game has brought players great Giftcode sets, attractive và valuable gifts, helping gamers experience better in the title. This fascinating game.

Code Tan Thien Long

– an7sty2p

How to get game code Tan Thien Long

Method 1: Save sầu receive code here

You access the liên kết above sầu & then click Save sầu name on the banner of the game


Then fill in your personal information & click OK, the registration process will be successful if you fill in the correct information, the code will be sent to lớn the mail or phone number registered in your step above.

Reward for each milestone registered

– Landmark of 20,000 Huynh Ty registered:50 security treasures + 10 geologically enhanced geographies + 1 fashion box

– Milestones of 50,000 Huynh Ty registration:100 key security +10 thousand coins + 10 single training eraser

– Landmark 100,000 Huynh Ty registered:200 original security key + 5 single base + 1 treasure chest

Method 2: Join activities in the Fanpage of the game here

Players access khổng lồ the Fanpage forum of Tan Thien Long game, participate fully in the activities of the game management board, follow the instructions to receive sầu the reward of the organizers in the khung of Giftcode of the game. , rewards will be awarded when the event period ends.

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Method 3: Attover events and events in Tan Thien Long Group here

Events or events taking place in the Group also have valuable rewards and gifts for players. Active sầu participation you will receive the Code game, the gifts are only given khổng lồ those who follow the instructions or active in the group.

Method 4: Access khổng lồ game newspapers, websites such as 2game, gamek, gamehub … follow the Like và tóm tắt their posts in public on social networks, the reward you will receive will be These Code sets are valid for new players when participating in the Tan Thien Long game experience.

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Download Tan Thien Long game on iOS & Android devices

– Download Tan Thien Long for Android– Download Tan Thien Long for iPhone

Above sầu are some instructions on how to get Code game Tan Thien Long. If you are interested in playing Smartphone games on your computer, playing Tan Thien Long on your computer via Bluestacks will help you a lot, will give you a smoother and more convenient experience.

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