A huge leak for the unconfirmed Devil May Cry 5 reveals new story and game play details for the game, which is set for a late 2018/ early 2019 release window.

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A huge amount of new Devil May Cry 5 information has recently surfaced online, thanks khổng lồ a series of leakers who have insider knowledge on the upcoming game. Although the follow-up to 2008"s Devil May Cry 4 is yet to be officially announced, fans have known that Hideaki Itsuno"s secret project was likely a new installment in the popular series for some time now. The following information contains a few potential SPOILERS, so Devil May Cry fans should consider themselves warned before reading.

According lớn the leakers, Devil May Cry 5 is slated lớn release between April 2018 và March 2019, with a kiểm tra coming sometime before launch. The title has currently been in development for two years up until this point & may have some form of PlayStation exclusivity involved, due lớn Sony partly funding the highly-anticipated game.

As previous rumors suggested, Devil May Cry 5 was going to appear at PSX 2017, although the new information reveals that Sony is going to scale back on PSX in order lớn bolster next year"s E3 presentation. Because of this fact, it"s unlikely that the trò chơi will be officially revealed this year, with an announcement instead coming in 2018.

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Story-wise, Devil May Cry 5 will pick up after the events of the fourth game, with multiple characters being playable. Dante is more serious in this new installment than he has been in the past, though the popular protagonist still plays with his enemies & has his usual "over the đứng top flair". Control will switch lớn other characters at key points in the story, and the main antagonist is labeled as "The Prince of Darkness," which fans suggest could refer to lớn the original boss khủng of Devil May Cry.


Level design in the upcoming title will be far more mở cửa than Devil May Cry games have seen in the past, though it is not an open-world game. During combat, players may come up against more enemies than they"re used to, & the experience is apparently a lot less stiff in nature, with animation & movement options decidedly smoother at all times.

Bosses have become a great focus for the development team, and the large-scale fights have been ramped up dramatically in the fifth Devil May Cry game. One of the major bosses is said lớn transition between areas during the fight, which is sure khổng lồ make for some memorable encounters. In addition, the camera will pull back dynamically during wide-scale combat & the environment can be both interacted with mid-fight và destroyed by battle.

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The rest of the leaked information dump can be found here, though all the details it provides should be taken with a pinch of salt.