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Release: 1999 Developer: New World ComputingOS: 95 / 98 / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / 7Processor: Pentium 133Memory: 32 MBVersion: v 4.0

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Heroes 3 (Complete Collection) - ultimative release of the iconic turn-based RPG, incorporating the original Heroes of Might & Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia as well as two extensive addons, Armageddon"s Blade & The Shadow of Death. On the pirate Heroes of Sword & Magic III: Rise of Era is không lấy phí to play online. Allows you to lớn play the campaign with a friend or online confrontation. You can fight via LAN. Included free-to-play online game, single-player campaign and maps editor.

The events of Heroes III take place in a fantasy world. All heroes have quality abilities and characteristics. You must assemble units lớn make a journey across the continent. Combat is presented by a turn-based mode, where the player"s team must fight an army of the enemy. Heroes 3 (Complete Collection) introduces an underground level và the Grail artifact for the first time khổng lồ the series. The online game or single-player adventure allows you to lớn capture cities và visit the various buildings available on the map.

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By upgrading your characters, you can become stronger in melee or ranged combat, as well as unlock new magical abilities. One move equals twenty-four hours. By completing his turn, the player closes one day. Every day you can build a building and take a certain number of steps with your hero. Collect resources & artifacts lớn construct buildings or level up characters. Mercury, sulfur, crystals, gems, & gold are resources.

The bản đồ features the Tree of Knowledge, the Creature Vault Monolith, và Pandora"s Box. Artifacts are divided into several types: treasures, small, large, & relics. Each character has basic parameters, such as attack, defense, magic and knowledge, as well as various secondary abilities that are pumped up to lớn the third level: basic, advanced and expert. Magic is divided into 4 schools: Earth, Air, Water & Fire. Cities include Castle, Oplot, Tower, Inferno, Necropolis, Dungeon, Citadel và Fortress.

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