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Hello guys!, today i bring you a BETA version of the GTA San Andreas bản đồ in DLC format for GTAV! After 2 months of work here we are, as it is a BETA, it has black textures, models without collisions, và some models are missing and at the moment there are no LODS & without lods the vegetation was temporarily removed khổng lồ avoid dropping too much FPS, but most models are converted, this is one of the most complete conversions for gta v, but with future updates I will fix black textures, complete the missing models, and collisions. Don"t forget to lớn join the Discord Group! Consider making a donation for this project! What will you need: No Boundary Limits by SonofUgly Gameconfig by F7YO HeapAdjuster by Dilapidated Packfile Limit Adjuster by Unknown Modder How to lớn Install: After downloading & installing the necessary mods, just install the OIV on OpenIV, after that just start the game!, you can find the map near the beach of Vespucci Beach. Changelog:Dev 0.9- new dlc structure- multiple texture files- bản đồ in new location- lods on the whole map- vegetation added- no more black textures Beta 0.7- Added & fixed collisions at important places on the map- Fixed the lighting of some objects at night- Other minor fixes Beta 0.6- Initial release Credits:IV SA Rage Team - Models và CollisionsMauricio - Conversion, Adaptation và ConfigurationZeneric - Help with modelsSylveticHearts - Test cảnh báo for Admins / Moderators:Just khổng lồ avoid misunderstandingOn the GTA5 Mods there is a map from gta sa to lớn gta v (Grand Theft tự động V: San Andreas), but it is for fivem, the models are in a bad configuration, and my intention was at the beginning was to lớn continue this project, but as the models of this hack are very bad so I converted from scratch, using the resources of the IV SA rage team. So this hack has NOTHING to vì chưng with that other map, that is, it does not use any resource or anything from this mod! Thanks for your Understanding!