A zombie-filled world is waiting for you in the game in which you wait for the world khổng lồ end. As a former prisoner, you will have the opportunity to lớn repay all the sins they committed, since you will be saving the survivors. In this game, everything depends on your choices, since you will determine the outcome of the story. Don"t forget khổng lồ refill your supplies và ammunition throughout the game, as they can run out at any time.

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About The Walking Dead Season One APK

There are a lot of dialogues, cut-scenes, and TV series in The Walking Dead that make it a popular game. Getting out of certain situations is mostly about making the right choices.

The characters are interesting lớn talk lớn with pre-recorded voices, which ultimately keeps you involved in the stories. That is one of my favorite things about this game.

The first episode took me a long time to complete, this is not a game you can play in short sessions. As your loyal dog partner faces all kinds of unexpected situations, you must provide them with food, shelter, và safety throughout each episode.

You can learn a lot about what is happening around you from the background music. When there are a lot of zombies around, there will be more background noise or music than in the dead area where there aren"t many zombies.

A major highlight of the trò chơi is its story, interspersed with a large number of dialogues, creating an atmosphere akin khổng lồ a movie. The problem is also slightly worse for domestic players. There is indeed a great sense of substitution in the story of the game, but English dialogue is difficult, while at the same time, the content of these dialogues can"t be skipped, you have lớn go along with the story all the way. There is no appearance of Rick và Shawn at the beginning of the game, do you know if such a start you will accept?


A technical point of view, this horror survival trò chơi shows a superb production standard, the game screen is reminiscent of the TV version of the Doomsday style, the light & the scene have a degree of similarity, which can evoke memories for many fans. The vivid, shaky bodies of the corpse people create a television-like appearance. A cinema-like listening experience is created with the suspense of the background music.

Now let"s get back lớn the game"s operation. Operation does not seem to lớn be so important for such a dramatic puzzle game. It has excellent performance for interaction design, however. The player can see a white light spot in the scene when an actionable object appears và click it to proceed. Some even offer pop-up options, like the door, where you can knock on the door, xuất hiện the door, or vì chưng other actions. The prompt interaction is much more interesting than the typical game, it does not allow the player to đại bại sight of more convenient operation, which is what a good kiến thiết is all about.


Generally the game"s playability is quite high, it has a rich plot, and it introduces a variety of options in many episodes, giving the whole trò chơi a richer taste of suspense, and the player"s ability to lớn substitute is also strong. The key khổng lồ the handcuffs, for example, must be found as quickly as possible after the opening policeman dies. You were rushed over khổng lồ the old police who has turned into a zombie. You need to look here for guns & ammunition, and after a shot, a shot smashes his head. There are many such scenarPhones in the game that have a strong sense of substitution. As a result of this, the game is more lượt thích an "interactive movie" in which players participate.

We said we wouldn"t be afraid of more exploration và danger in the future. There is a sense of loneliness created by the trò chơi that is very impressive. It can be said that the background music and sound effects of this game are definitely the soul, extremely bright eyes, or bright ears. The overall feeling of the trò chơi story is that we personally experience zombie work created by the tóm tắt of the world after the downturn.

As a whole, "The Walking Dead" is excellent in production, screen, operation, và story, full of sincerity. Walking fans, adventure decryption enthusiasts, and action exploration RPG enthusiasts will enjoy this game.



In this game, the player interacts with the environment or other characters by moving towards a floating kích hoạt button.

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In some parts of the story, the game play switches from third-person lớn first-person perspective.

It is possible lớn have a different perspective on a certain character throughout the game if that character dies. In the game, you are presented with a variety of characters with different personality traits, và it is up to you to decide what to vị with them.

The player will encounter survivors as Lee passes through the various chapters, và he or she will decide whether lớn help them or not. You can finish the story in multiple ways in the game.

Make a decision

To succeed in this game, you must be able khổng lồ make good decisions. Depending on the decisions you make in The Walking Dead, future episodes will be affected.

When you meet Carley và Doug, trapped in a car, and decide whether to save them or not, it will change the way future episodes will be made.

Try khổng lồ have one bullet left in your đoạn phim when you kill zombies. You should always reload when you have the chance, và if you run out of rounds, use another weapon to finish them off.


Moments to build

By building relationships between characters, making friends, và so forth, players can create moments in The Walking Dead. In order to lớn accomplish this goal, you must find currency (Coins), recruit new members lớn your group, & complete tasks for specific characters in each chapter.

The voices

In this horrible game, many characters have recorded voice acting, và there is a large cast of voice actors và actresses that all contribute to lớn the overall experience. As the player makes choices throughout the game, the characters will interact with the player based on the choices they make.

Endings that differ

One of the most important aspects of this trò chơi is that you can choose multiple endings depending on your actions. By taking frequent decisions, you can give your gameplay new directions.

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Based on how the player responds to different situations, such as killing or saving characters, there can be either a good or bad ending.