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Loot Makes Everything worthwhile. Dying 17 times against a boss would usually result in my mouse going through my monitor, but it"s quickly forgotten when I finally see the drop when I win. Weeks of grinding finally pay off, but there"s little rest as my helm is looking starting lớn look shabby.

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Genre enthusiasts may draw comparison with a certain game by Blizzard, but Titan Quest does a cracking job at mimicking its obvious inspiration. Rich in lore and teeming with items, Titan Quest holds your hand as it guides you lovingly through the ancient world. Greece, Egypt. Trung quốc and Hades are all full of the heroes và heroines you would expect.

Iron Lore have successfully transferred the ancient world to digital form, both narratively and visually. A particular highlight comes when you"re asked to lớn fight your way through the Pyramids of Giza - a setting that"s oddly untouched by games.

Never-ending with limitless character opportunities, Titan Quest is the perfect fix those awaiting Diablo III. If that wasn"t enough, the six-player co-op makes my loot-fetish go into overdrive. The screen is filled with yellows, blues và purples: it"s like a fireworks display made up of magical gear - a sensory overload.Anyway, enough chat as I"m all out of health potions & there are mobs that need killing.

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System requirements: PC compatible Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Being Dead Can"t be much fun. Sure, you might not have to lớn worry about the daily commute or taxes any more, but when Charon, the ferryman of the dead has decided to take a day off và therefore doomed you khổng lồ wander the misty banks of the River Styx for all eternity, then you might start to see the bad side.

Immortal Throne"s storyline is based around the underworld và manages khổng lồ cram in even more Greek mythology than before. The normally bright & sunny settings have been replaced with the spooky realms of the recently deceased, và Iron Lore"s high production values are evident throughout, with some excellent graphical effects và some inspired kiến thiết in the underworld.

There are plenty of great nonliving monsters lớn battle with too, such as Keres (Greek female death spirits), unhappy ghosts & threeheaded mutt Cerberus. It would have been nice to lớn see all mythology-based monsters here though - I"m sure the Greeks didn"t believe in frogmen...

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There"s also a smattering of new features, such as caravans so you can transfer items between characters, scrolls, & the new dream mastery, a good all-round skill featuring pets, buffs & offensive spells. Expect Immortal Throne to showroom around ten hours of play, but despite the occasionally tough boss, don"t expect it khổng lồ be too taxing. If you"ve finished the original và want to lớn keep that mouse finger in shape, this expansion is worth a trip khổng lồ the land of the dead for.