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Red Alert 2 is one the defining games of the RTS genre. It put developer Westwood Studios on the bản đồ & even after 20 years, it still retains a người base of dedicated players.Like with most games from the period, Red Alert 2 has some issues running on Windows 10, và for that reason we"ve sầu put together a guide to help you enjoy this iconic title on new hardware.

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First, check out the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter included in Windows. That troubleshooter can fix compatibility issues for more outdated software. Follow the guidelines below to open the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.

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Enter ‘troubleshoot’ in the Cortana tìm kiếm box and select TroubleshootSelect the Program and Compatibility troubleshooterThen select Red Alert 2 in the troubleshooter‘s software các mục, và press the Next button

Having trouble with games và software being incompatible with Windows 10? We’ve sầu got the answer!

2. Run Red Alert 2 in Compatibility Mode

Then right-click the gamemd.exe cộ in File Explorer & select Properties khổng lồ open the window.Select the Run this program in compatibility mode for option.Then select WinXP (Service Paông chồng 3) on the platkhung drop-down menu.In addition, adjust the graphical settings by selecting Reduced color mode & 16-bit color from the drop-down menu.Then cliông xã Apply lớn confirm the new settings, & press the OK button.Repeat the above sầu guidelines for every exe cộ in your Red Alert 2 thư mục, such as Ra2.exe pháo, game.exe, YURI.exe pháo & RA2MD.exe.

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Red Alert 2 returns a FATAL String Manager failed to lớn initialized properly error for some players who can’t get the game up & running. Running RA 2 in compatibility mode is a fix more specifically for that error message. You can run RA 2 in compatibility mode as shown above.