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Type-0 certainly gets real-time combat right, but this port of an RPG that began on handheld is otherwise not much fun to lớn play on PC.

What is it Action RPG where a school seems khổng lồ be at war with a nation.

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Publisher Square Enix Developer In-house/HexaDriveReviewed on AMD FX-6200 CPU, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 7870Expect To Pay $30/£trăng tròn Link Official site


You"re also burdened with a time system that means you can only attover so many lectures or complete sidequests for other characters before the next main mission begins. There’s a time cost for completing each activity, or heading into lớn the open world. I don’t lượt thích doing sidequests on a timer, & you can only take on one at a time, which means a lot of backtracking is required to hoover everything up. The idea is presumably to encourage multiple playthroughs where you can catch every character interaction, but it actually turns what could’ve sầu been a nice stochồng of sidequests inkhổng lồ a boring chore. Problem is, you need khổng lồ do these one-by-one just to lớn progress—Type-0 is a tricky game unless you’re diligent about levelling up a lot between main story missions.

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I’m not that impressed by the PC port of Type-0, either. As Durante notes in his in-depth analysis, there are plenty of graphics options here relative sầu khổng lồ the initial release of XIII on PC last year, but there are only two fixed resolution options—720p và 1080p, which is a poor effort, and it runs at a locked 30fps, too. It’s also been inconsistently remade for HD, & only looks nice in brief moments—the school looks noticeably better than other environments, & prominent characters including your tiệc nhỏ have been remodelled to look modern. But some of the lesser supporting cast members and objects that appear in the world haven’t been given the same treatment, which leaves a jarring chất lượng effect. While the lighting is more up-to-date, Type-0 is just rarely that pretty, particularly in the world maps.

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Square Enix is slowly getting there with moving its colossal baông xã catalogue onto PC, but Type-0 does not represent Final Fantasy at its best. I think existing fans will enjoy the combat system, but I couldn’t recommkết thúc this limited action RPG to anyone as a starting point for the series.