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a game by SCE Studio Santa Monica
Platforms: Playstation 4, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 nhận xét
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 21 votes
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God of War III is the fifth game in the God of War action/adventure franchise & the third game in the main console series. Like the previous two titles, God of War III follows the story of Kratos, a soldier in the Sparrã army who is betrayed by the Greek gods. Angered by his fate, Kratos travels throughout the wondrous và dangerous world of Greek mythology attempting lớn kết thúc Zeus" reign. God of War III features bloody and satisfying combat, interesting puzzles, và some truly amazing spectacle. Whether you"re a bạn of the God of War series or not, God of War III is a fantastic game that deserves khổng lồ be experienced.

Main Game Features

Brutal combat with a new magic systemDozens of bosses and chất lượng enemiesHigh-resolution graphics và impressive scale


God of War III picks up immediately after the over of God of War II, with Kratos & the titan Gaia scaling Mount Olympus. Hellbent on revenge for Zeus" misgivings, Kratos fiercely battles against all that stands in his way. After an exciting fight against Poseidon & a failed attempt on Zeus" life, Kratos falls off the mountain và plummets inlớn the Underworld. Despite this setbachồng, Kratos vows lớn have sầu his revenge và slowly begins the trek bachồng to lớn the top of Mount Olympus.Even when compared khổng lồ the past two God of War games, God of War III has some exceptionally cool characters, bosses, and moments. Many of the most popular Greek gods like Poseidon, Aphrodite, và Hades are big players in the story, as Kratos attempts to lớn kill each one of them. Your adventure takes you far across the fictional world of Greek mythology, extending the lore & universe within. Kratos" journey sees hyên ổn locating Pandora"s Box, exploring a dangerous labyrinth, & battling against countless foes. There"s an impressive sầu amount of drama & great closure to lớn Kratos" story, resulting in a satisfying trilogy.

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Apart from a few improvements, enhancements, and new mechanics, the gameplay in God of War III is very similar khổng lồ past games. Playing as Kratos, you"ll swing và smash through hundreds of enemies utilizing your wrist-bound blades. Levels are mostly linear, but there are plenty of hidden secrets scattered around to reward exploration. Chests often contain power-ups such as phoenix feathers và gorgon eyes, which improve your magic and health. As you progress through the adventure, you"ll also discover new weapons that can be used for both combat & Puzzle-solving. Each weapon also has a dedicated magic attack, offering a bit of strategy.

Although the gameplay is exceptionally svào & the story is impressive, it"s the flashy graphics và set-piece moments that really tie God of War III together. Right from the opening moments of the game, the sense of scale is truly impressive, as Kratos is dwarfed by the gigantic Titans around hlặng.


The high-resolution graphics offer clean & evocative environments, as well as exciting action encounters. God of War III is just as fun to lớn watch as it is to lớn play, thanks to its smart use of mythology and undeniably cool visuals.

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God of War III is a great game for players who want to smash through tons of enemies, spill loads of blood, và feel more powerful every step of the way. That said, there"s still plenty of nuance & variety to the game, evident in its complex narrative sầu, interesting puzzle sections, and unique combat mechanics. Even when played on the lowest difficulty, you"ll have sầu to use your wits, as this is one of the most challenging God of War games yet. However, if you have the skill to see it through, God of War III will likely become one of your favorite third-person action games.


Excellent storytelling and world-buildingBonus challenge modeAwesome powers và items


Puzzles can be confusing at timesOccasionally frustrating combat

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