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We are excited to have Tim Blank back in Designer Alley this year showing off his games Wizards of Wysteria, Yosemite & Bumuntu.

A little about Tim, written in his own words.

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Tim Blank is a board and escape room game designer from Boston, MA. In addition to lớn designing games, he teaches trò chơi design at Northeastern University, is Vice President of BostonFIG, and president of the trò chơi Makers Guild. Tim"s games include Oh My Gods!, Bumuntu, and Yosemite, being published later this year.


I have a Guinness World Record.

I play 6 instruments & have written a symphony.

I can move one eye without moving the other.


Have you ever let go of a design or idea? Explain what it was & why you let go or why you have not.

All the time. I have a rule that if I fall out of love with a game, I stop working on it. The way I see it, if I can"t even get excited about my own game, how will I get others excited for it, too?

What pushes you lớn the kết thúc of a design, what motivates you khổng lồ finish?

Royalty checks are nice. :) But seriously, I don"t really "push" to lớn finish my games as much as I realize that they"re already finished. I usually get khổng lồ a point where the changes I make don"t actually make it better, but instead just make it different. At that point, I need to just make some decisions and call it done.

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Who are some of your favorite designers and their games?

Myself, duh! I also am a fan hâm mộ of Uwe Rosenberg - all of his games are vastly different, but still fun.


What does a perfect gaming session look like for you?

Good friends, good food, và lots of laughs. No matter what we"re doing, we"re having fun.

If you could meet one person (whether they are alive or not), who would it be and why?

The person who keeps calling me about my car"s warranty so I can punch them in the face.

Besides hoa cương Game Summit (or its companion events) what is your favorite convention & why?

BostonFIG, of course, because it"s the best gaming event ever.

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Wizards of Wysteria: The kingdom of Wysteria is being attacked by dragons và you, an elemental wizard, have been recruited to fend them off. But each of your spells needs a rare elemental stone. Good thing you have the giải pháp công nghệ to transform stones. Build your stone transformation machines, hire apprentices, and fend off the dragons; but watch out: Spend too much time building your machines và the dragons will come along to lớn destroy it!

Yosemite: Welcome khổng lồ the Annual Yosemite National Park photo contest. It’s time for you lớn show off your skills! Take the best pictures of our beautiful park & impress our judges lớn with the title of “Photographer of the Year!” Yosemite is a fast-paced, competitive strategy trò chơi for 2 players based on the landmarks of Yosemite National Park. In this game, you’ll travel through the park, take pictures of the animals & the landmarks, and go camping & fishing. Be the one who impresses the judges the most (scores the most points) in order to win the coveted title of “Photographer of the Year.”

Bumuntu: A common theme in African folklore is that animals are wise creatures who teach humans to do good và moral things. As a tribal leader, you will follow the guidance of the animals, journeying through the jungle in hopes of winning their favor. Bumúntú is a lightweight strategy trò chơi based on the culture & folklore of the Bakongo tribes. Descendants of the Kingdom of Kongo, the Bakongo people are the largest group of tribespeople in central Africa.