7 game android turn base rpg offline terbaik 2020 i best turn base rpg offline 2020

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Strategy video games provide gamers with the opportunity to lớn really delve sầu inlớn a game"s world và characters and discover how certain aspects of them work. Some of the best strategy titles encourage resource & people management while others explore thành phố building or wartime battle techniques and planning.

Many strategy games often require that they be played online, or at least have sầu a persistent mạng internet connection, but there are still loads of fun titles that can be played entirely offline on Mobile, PC, và gaming consoles.

Here are 12 of the best offline strategy games worth playing.


Fun combination of survival, building, và strategy.

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Beautiful visuals display the alien environment perfectly.

Graphic unique can deteriorate as the player's thành phố expands.

May be too challenging for younger players.

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Aven Colony is an offline building syên ổn đoạn Clip game that puts the player in charge of developing, managing, & protecting a human colony on an alien planet. The city planning and resource management will appeal to fans of the Sim City series while the science fiction setting sets it apart with its extreme natural elements và alien lifeforms.

Download Aven Colony for Xbox One

Download Aven Colony for PC

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