April 26th, 2015

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – 16 reviewフェイト/ステイナイト – 16

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Gilgamesh rips the still beating heart out of Ilya’s chest as Shinji introduced his new servant. Shinji threatens Shirou, who’s emerged from the debris, leading Rin to emerge. Gilgamesh decides to lớn retreat for now, telling Shinji that the other girl will suffice as a vessel. Shinji gets angry when Rin rejects his offer to join them. After Shinji and Gilgamesh leave, Rin và Shirou bury Ilya. Rin doesn’t understand Shirou’s living lớn help others và not living for himself while still helping people. He recounts how Kiritsugu saved him ten years ago and how he regretted not being able to lớn help the others in that disaster. While Rin may be right, he doesn’t mind living for others.

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At an abandoned church, Rin & Shirou discuss Gilgamesh as the eighth Servant. Shirou has managed khổng lồ determine that Gilgamesh’s Nobel Phantasm is not the weapons he used, but the treasury that stores those weapons, meaning Gilgamesh has a weapon to deal with any Servant due to lớn being the oldest heroic spirit. Their discussion is interrupted by Lancer’s arrival. Rin & Shirou begin bickering over who should run off, leading Rin lớn threaten Shirou with an attack. This amuses Lancer, who’d come on behalf of his Master to khung an alliance in order to lớn take down Caster. After hearing Lancer out, Rin agrees. Shirou reluctantly agrees, but tells Lancer khổng lồ not get khổng lồ “close” to lớn Rin, leading her to lớn protest & become flustered. Lancer tells Shirou he’s in for a tough time with her, which he acknowledges to lớn Rin’s irritation.

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At Kirei’s church, Archer pays Souichirou a visit where Souichirou opens up a bit about himself and why he helped Caster & that Caster’s true wish is to go home. That night, Lancer, Rin, và Shirou have a strategy session on their forthcoming attack on the church. Lancer is going to take on Archer, but may have to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with Saber as well. Lancer informs them that Assassin won’t be a problem since he was summoned by Caster and thus cannot leave the Ryuudou Temple. They come to lớn the church where Archer is waiting for them. He’s surprised lớn see Lancer there and Lancer has a dislike of Archer due khổng lồ his betrayal. Lancer promises Rin that he won’t kill Archer so that Archer can get on hands & knees và beg Rin’s forgiveness. Rin and Shirou enter the church, where Rin takes a moment to explain how there’s only one pendant, not two. Outside, Archer & Lancer charge each other.

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I got lớn say that after the heartbreaking, depressing episode last week, it was really good lớn have lighter moments in this episode, even if Ilya got one final round of abuse.


Well, we may as well get the terrible stuff out of the way first. Ilya was STILL alive when Gilgamesh ripped her heart out. Gah. What a complete an utter bastard he is. I’m actually glad they didn’t have that moment in last week’s episode because that would have been too much for me to handle. (Yeah, I know — these are fictional characters, but even if melodramatic, the writing has been very good so that I care about these fictional characters. & it doesn’t hurt that I love Ilya’s character in the Prisma Ilya series.