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PC Players Can Now Play God of War It is now technically possible for PC gamers khổng lồ kiểm tra out the critically-acclaimed 2018 PlayStation 4 hit game God of War on their platkhung of choice.

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god of war pc release
First released in 2018, God of War earned rave sầu Reviews from critics & has been embraced by fans as one of the absolute best entries in the long-running franchise. To date, God of War has been exclusively playable on PS4 & PS5, but now PC gamers can see what all the fuss is about.

God of War is now technically playable on PC thanks to its debut on the PlayStation Now subscription service. For those who aren"t aware, PlayStation Now is a trò chơi Pass-style subscription service that gets users instant access lớn hundreds of games. PC gamers that want lớn play God of War on their platkhung of choice will need lớn download the PlayStation Now app, sign up for the service, và get a controller handy as the game does not tư vấn mouse and keyboard controls. More specifically, PC players will want khổng lồ get a DualShoông chồng 4 controller when playing God of War on PC khổng lồ get the full experience.

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god of war pc release
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While PlayStation Now"s July 2021 lineup makes God of War technically playable on PC, others would no doubt rather see a proper PC port of the critically-acclaimed game. Rumors have persisted that a God of War PC port may very well be coming at some point down the line, but Sony has yet to make an official announcement.

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god of war kratos baldur boss fight
It would make sense for Sony to lớn bring God of War lớn PC for a number of reasons. For one, Sony recently acquired Nixxes, a company that specializes in making PC ports of games. Since Sony spent the money to acquire Nixxes, it clearly intends on porting over more of its PlayStation games to PC, and God of War"s success makes it one of the most obvious candidates lớn get a PC port next.

Secondly, God of War has a sequel on the way, & bringing the 2018 game to PC through a proper port could potentially increase the potential audience for the follow-up. This seems khổng lồ be the strategy with some of Sony"s other PC ports, lượt thích how it ported Horizon: Zero Dawn to lớn PC, yet is keeping the sequel a PlayStation exclusive sầu for now. It"s possible that some will check these games out on PC and then feel the desire to lớn buy a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 khổng lồ play the sequels.

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While a true God of War PC port may or may not ever happen, PC gamers can still check it out in the meantime through PlayStation Now.

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