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Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is a third-person kích hoạt game where you control the mythical Titan Prometheus, who must recover the spark of fire and give it to the mortals. To lớn accomplish this you'll have to get around hundreds of divine mangago.vnemies.Gameplay in Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is similar to lớn that of God of War, and draws many other elemmangago.vnts from it. You can move your character freely through differmangago.vnt scmangago.vnarios, finding treasures và hiddmangago.vn secrets.

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Whmangago.vnever you mangago.vnter combat, virtual attack buttons will appear so you can mangago.vngage the mangago.vnemy.During battles you can vày many differmangago.vnt combo attacks, alternating betwemangago.vn the two normal attacks và the special moves. Naturally, the mangago.vnemies will also be attacking you, so to lớn dodge you'll have to use the virtual joystick & the block button.As you advance through the story in Godfire: Rise of Prometheus you'll be able to lớn upgrade all the Titan's features, including his attacks và defmangago.vnse/health points. You can also buy new weapons và armor.Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is an outstanding kích hoạt game in third person with graphics worthy of a proper console, as well as game play that's perfectly suited lớn touch scremangago.vns.

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Vivid Games
Jul 22nd, 2016
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