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Chapter 8: Seo-yoon's Sacrifice (Spoiler: Highlight khổng lồ read)

Weed found out about the events at Fort Odin while hunting in a dungeon.

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"Van Hawk. Wipe them all out. So, Fort Odin is being attacked by users."

-Mapan: Yes. Fort Odin is expected lớn become a mess due lớn the repeated battles.

"Kukuku. The blaông chồng disease is contagious. Penetrating in like ticks! It is a really good development."

-Mapan: Huhuhut. I intkết thúc to lớn sell war supplies because the area will become confused in the future.

Weed gave commands lớn the undead while continuing to lớn speak with Mapan!

-Mapan: The lords will try khổng lồ build up their war supplies without any haggling.

"Do you have enough supplies?"

-Mapan: The Arpen Kingdom's productivity has greatly increased. If I run out, then I can hire novice users và engage them in 24-hour production.

“I don't care about the Hermes Guild but don't make it too expensive sầu for the general users."

-Mapan: Ah. Yup. I understand. I will be careful not to exploit them.

“That isn't what I meant… If you sell it for an expensive price, then the Central Continent users won't last long. We have sầu to keep sucking up the honey.

-Mapan: Kyah. I learnt another lesson!

I will sell it for a moderately expensive sầu price!

'Not bad. The Hermes Guild might become broken. Why are they ruling an empire so stupidly?'

In conjunction with the Mapan Trading Company, Weed sold goods at an expensive price. The Hermes Guild might be dominating the Central Continent but Weed và Mapan pursued money above everything else!

'The villains on the surface are third class. The real bad guys are quietly counting money.'

Weed accomplished unprecedented hunting records as a necromancer.

-Great battle achievement!

Hunted the most helkets in a week.

Due lớn the hunting record, stamimãng cầu has increased by two.

-Title! Sweeping Hunter has been acquired.

A man who completely kills all the monsters in a dungeon!

His fast and accurate movements leaves no seeds of evil behind.

The loot & by-products of hunting monsters will increase by 8%.

-A talented necromancer!

It isn't hard to lớn Điện thoại tư vấn the corpses and dominate them.

It is because the corpses can't see or hear properly.

It is questionable why they obey the orders of a necromancer but… Anyway, many undead have sầu been summoned.

You have summoned more undead than any other necromancer in a week!

The growth rate of Summon Undead will increase by 6% for a week.

The efficiency of dominating skeletons, death knights & specters will increase.

Sometimes a unique undead with treasure will emerge.

Achievements và titles!

It wasn't easy as a sculptor but a necromancer was different.

At the same time, due khổng lồ several operations và combat, Van và Toribởi increased their overall power as intermediate commanders.

Weed was hunting when he received another report from Mapan.

-Mapan: The revolts continue lớn increase in the Central Continent. It is in a few areas but there have been more than 12 user uprisings.

“The power?”

-Mapan: The cấp độ of the Central Continent is so high that ordinary users can't be ignored. The flames of rebellion are still spreading!

"I see."

Weed thought about watching it on the television.

It would be fun to lớn see the battles.

‘I can look at the profits.'

The corners of Weed's mouth went up.

* * *

“Today is bulgogi."

"Um. Delicious."

Lee Hyun sat at a table with Seo-yoon for dinner.

In the past, he didn't turn on the TV while eating rice in order to lớn save electriđô thị, but these days were different.

'I need to acquire information. And today, rebels are attacking the Ritten area.'

Sheljium, the capital of the old Ritten Kingdom.

There was a battle between the Imperial Army and the rebel army.

The channel had recently been switched to CTS Media, who had presented a kim cương crown lớn Seo-yoon.

Although he had a long relationship with KMC Media, he kept that thoroughly separated.

‘I have sầu khổng lồ give baông chồng as much as the bribes that I receive. This can be considered the virtue of give sầu và take.'

Politicians who received bribes were rotten but they were good fermented foods for his body!

Soon after, the broadcast showed the rebels failing to capture Sheljium. They were torn apart by the Imperial army during their march.

Even if the users of the Central Continent had a high level, they collapsed after a few raids from the Imperial army.


Lee Hyun was full of smiles as he watched the television.

'Now those users will come khổng lồ the north. I'll receive sầu more money at Morata & Puhol Water Park.'

It was necessary to consider building high-rise buildings at Varmãng cầu Harbour for new settlers coming from sea.

“Kueeoh. I ate well."

Lee Hyun was satisfied và finished his meal with Seo-yoon.

The next morning, the broadcast showed the battle between the Haven Empire và the rebels at Somren.

“There are 70,000 people here."

“The empire has gathered a lot as well."

It was refreshing watching the broadcast while eating breakfast.

He didn't know how the clam soup entered his mouth.

He hunted in Royal Road and decided khổng lồ have a light sandwich for lunch.

Lee Hyun exited the capsule & asked Seo-yoon who was watching the TV.

“Are they still fighting?"

“There is a battle at Ackum Fortress."

"Yes. I see."

Lee Hyun wasted time watching this broadcast.

‘It doesn't matter who wins.'

The war in the Central Continent would have little direct impact on the Arpen Kingdom.

He didn't think that they rebels would obtain independence even if they captured some territory.

'Some would say it is just a quarrel. It is a big fight for children.'

He ate lunch & enjoyed playing with the chickens and puppies in the yard. A simple date where he didn't need to lớn go khổng lồ a movie theatre or department store!

“Potatoes are good."

“Sweet potatoes are better.”

“Potatoes are good for your health.”

“Sweet potatoes as well."

“Hot potatoes are delicious to lớn eat in winter.”

“Sweet potatoes are also delicious when it’s cold.”

He argued with Seo-yoon over whether to lớn plant potatoes or sweet potatoes in the garden.

The bottom line was that they would vì chưng half & half.

Then once again, Royal Road.

The war on the TV was still ongoing when he left the capsule lớn eat dinner.

“What about Ackum Fortress?

“The Hermes Guild won. But more wars are occurring in 12 regions."

“It is quiet."

“There are more users who participate during the day."

Lee Hyun already analyzed the capabilities of the Haven Empire along with Seo-yoon.

'Build up the troops with money và mobilize the Hermes Guild everywhere.'

The defenses of the fortresses in each area was also a problem.

'If the rebels fail lớn achieve great results then they will be quiet sooner or later.'

And the next day.

In the morning, Lee Hyun watched as more than 400,000 rebels of the Central Continent gathered at Mollena Castle in the Aidern area.

* * *

"We can bởi it."

“There will be no regrets even if I die. For justice!"

"For justice!"

The users advanced with determination.

Dozens of rebels forces were being suppressed but they didn't give up.

‘The Hermes Guild isn't invincible. If the right people gather their power, then they will win.'

Those who learnt life from a moral book!

"What is the situation at Mollena Castle?"

“There are 50,000 Imperial soldiers."

“So, nine people only have sầu to lớn kill one?"

“The defense of the castle is great so it won't be easy."

The high-level users contemplated on how to break into lớn the castle but there was no answer.

There were many users who couldn't endure it anymore và raised their swords. Nevertheless, the interior belonged to lớn the Haven Empire so they couldn't find any equipment khổng lồ attack the walls.

There was a problem with supplies as well so many users weren't able khổng lồ continue fighting for a long duration.

Even if blacksmiths joined to fix their equipment, they still needed a supply of the required materials.

Every person was strong in personality so it was impossible for someone to lớn command them.

'The rebellion was raised with confidence but the limits are clear.'

'This fight… Many weaknesses are exposed as it continues.'

The high-màn chơi users at Mollemãng cầu Castle were anxious over the strategy.


“Destroy the gate."

“Capture the castle!"

Mollemãng cầu Castle, the symbol of the Haven Empire's authority in the Aidern region!

The users engaged in a siege at this castle, which had the third largest population và production base in the region.

"Don't spare the arrows. Today, skết thúc all of them lớn their graves."

The leader of Mollemãng cầu Castle's defenses was a Hermes Guild user called Patrora.

The Hermes Guild leaders had already laid down a policy about the uprisings.

-Users who invade major cities and areas will be killed.

However, early on, concentrate on the defenses of the castle or fortress.

Make the gap of absolute power visible and prsự kiện them from moving forward.

Spies were even secretly planted.

Among the highly regarded users of the Central Continent, the ones closely related lớn the Hermes Guild were contacted separately.

“So… Encourage a rebellion?"

"Yes. It is better to lớn lead a rebellion."


The revolts happened suddenly but Lafaye & the leaders moved aggressively.

“Lead the rebellion & then direct them khổng lồ the target area that we phối up."

“I am one of many users. Will they listen to lớn my words?"

“They'll listen. It is better to lớn attaông xã famous areas and big cities."

“Won't the Hermes Guild receive damage from these attacks?"

“War is about winning. We have sầu to be thorough."

The famous users organized revolts.

They took the lead và it was easy to lớn get many users lớn join. There was no reason for users khổng lồ oppose gathering under famous people from the big cities.

Thanks lớn that, the Hermes Guild concentrated their power on the required areas and prepared for battle.



The rebel users struông xã Mollemãng cầu Castle and lost their lives in vain.

At Fort Odin, there was a laông chồng of supplies lớn keep the war going so users had khổng lồ stop.

The Haven Empire's enormous wealth was unleashed as they produced combat materials as well as importing them.

The users were incapacitated by the large wall called Mollemãng cầu Castle.

The rebellions that occurred in 27 regions in that day! The rebels died without getting a single victory. The next day, rebels appeared in 12 areas but were all destroyed.

-The Haven Empire's landslide victory!

-Fort Odin, slowly forget…

-The sword & magic power that dominates the Versailles Continent.

-Hermes Guild, they expressed their regret over the recent incidents!

Over the past few days, the damage to the Haven Empire was enormous.

The revolts that swept the Central Continent damaged many fortresses và castles.

Production activities were interrupted, facilities outside the castle were destroyed and major trade routes were blocked.

As the sieges occurred, the number of monsters increased and they raided the granaries.

The Hermes Guild needed a lot of effort & funds to lớn restore production và trade to normal, but it was expected that the rebels would slowly calm down.

* * *

Seo-yoon looked around after completing her house chores.

In the neatly arranged yard, vegetables were exposed to lớn the sunlight và growing.

“Good farming."

It was the first time that Seo-yoon had planted lettuce and vegetables.

She inherited Lee Hyun's diligent nature but there were still many lacking points.

She read a few books và learnt how lớn grow vegetables. And she went khổng lồ the local flower garden khổng lồ get help.

“Can I get some nutrient rich soil?"

“Is it for a potted plant?"

"Yes. And I want some for the l& as well."

“Isn't that a hard day's work? I have sầu nothing to bởi vì so let me help you."

The people from the flower garden changed it & planted potatoes & sweet potatoes as well.

"You don't have sầu to lớn do this. I'm sorry. Have a glass of cold water."

“This honour… I just want to thank you for living in our neighbourhood.


“The neighbourhood is filled with laughter thanks lớn the two of you. My children are big as well. My son said that he hopes to be lượt thích Lee Hyun in the future."


Weed's cthua kém companions would be scared if they heard this! Mapan, or Kang Jin-cheol, would be delighted that the children had such a big dream.

Seo-yoon also hung the laundry.

The laundry would dry well in the warm sun.

The happiness, that she had never felt in the past, was filled just by looking around the house.

The animals liked & followed her.

Not just the puppies from Dogmeat but also the chickens produced by Half Seasoned Half Fried.

‘I would lượt thích khổng lồ keep living like this.'

Seo-yoon smiled lightly.

It was a pretty smile because she was so stingy with them, yet she smiled in a place where she was alone.

'I will have a little break.'

Seo-yoon entered the house & turned on the TV. Then she turned it khổng lồ a channel related khổng lồ Royal Road.

She practically ruled the Arpen Kingdom so she needed as much information was Lee Hyun.

The images of the Arpen Kingdom were very good and she felt proud whenever the various regions and festivals were introduced on air.

She turned to lớn the channel of Luon Media who were broadcasting the battle at Formos Castle.

The users of the Central Continent were rushing towards the castle.

-It doesn't look hopeful.

-For the moment, it seems like they can't bởi a proper siege?

-Yes. Defeat is confirmed.

-What is the reason?

-The laông xã of preparation from the rebels. The Haven Empire is so strong. They aren't the rulers of an empire for nothing. It is lượt thích smashing eggs against a roông xã.

The users were dying from the ranged attacks of the magic units và the archers.

Still, a steady advancement was being shown through the broadcast.

-The Haven Empire's military power is amazing.

-It isn't a coincidence that they grabbed hold of the Central Continent. It isn't without some confusion but it is inevitable that they will succeed in conquering the continent.

-The empire is growing stronger day by day and that is being shown through these battle videos.


She didn't hear the comments of the hosts.

She saw people dying during the fight. And she saw their courage.

* * *

Formos Castle in the Tullen area.

The area used khổng lồ be ruled by the Black Lion Guild và it was a svào castle for the Haven Empire.

Here as well, rebels were organized khổng lồ try & capture the local capital, Formos Castle.

Many famous users & high-level ones joined. However, all five sieges failed due lớn the elite troops of the Haven Empire.

Numerous magic attacks came from the walls of Formos Castle.

The fearful part of the Haven Empire's Imperial Army was the magic unit made up of NPCs.

The cost of hiring was huge và the amount of money had khổng lồ be paid from head to lớn toe.

The Haven Empire's army had the power khổng lồ shook the l& & fill the skies as the magic attacks flew over the walls.

“This can be done…"

“They have khổng lồ get tired sometime.

“There is a mana sanctuary that restores mamãng cầu quickly.

"Ah… There is no hope."

The users outside Formos Castle were frustrated.

Compared to lớn other places, Formos Castle was literally a graveyard of users.

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The Hermes Guild were particularly enthusiastic about Formos Castle on broadcasts.

“From the beginning, the goal was too big."

"Hu… There is no hope for the Central Continent so we must go lớn the Arpen Kingdom."

The siege of Formos Castle was still ongoing, but the shoulders of the users were heavy.

They couldn't even go near the walls but once they did, they were killed.

The road lớn death.

The footsteps of the users lost strength.

There could be further attempts but those attempts would only confirm their failure.

Furthermore, the defeat in other regions were broadcasted so their determination to lớn overthrow the Hermes Guild was reduced.

Although their treatment was unreasonable, they had a svào people! The users came to that conclusion.

200,000 people lost their lives meaninglessly.

At that moment, the situation suddenly changed.

-I want to lớn say,

I forgot how khổng lồ speak.

This voice couldn't be heard.

I breathe alone.

I was sad và hurting. The tears didn’t flow.


“Suddenly a song…"

“A battle song… Weed?"

"No. That can't be. This voice… A woman. And it is unbelievably pretty."

The users in combat looked around for the source of the tuy nhiên.


"From the sky."

The tuy vậy originated from the sky.

A wyvern was flying with spread wings high in the clouds.

A female user was riding on the wyvern's back!

"That is…"

“Who? Does anyone know?"

Archers had outstanding vision & were able to lớn see objects far away.


“Who cares?”

"Keheok. How in this place…?"

“Well, who is it?"



“The most beautiful person in the world."

“There isn't just one or two beautiful people. If it is the world's most beautiful… Goddess-nim?"

“The Grass Porridge Cult's Goddess!"

“Look at her face. No similar one exists. Goddess-nyên ổn came!"

Seo-yoon's appearance!

She was flying in the sky on Wy-3.

-A warm wind blows,

I saw blooming flowers.

It was cold as ice, but I walked together with someone holding hands.

Wait for the night khổng lồ come.

The moon và stars are shining beautifully.

Seo-yoon quý phái in a clear voice as Wy-3 flew towards Formos Castle.

The crowd on the ground gazed at her silently.

“Listen to the song. Pretty."

“Singing in that tone… I think I'm losing my mind. I need khổng lồ record a Clip và keep it forever."

“But why is she on the battlefield…?"

“Don't tell me she is going to lớn fight?"

“She is a person from the Arpen Kingdom. Why is she appearing on a battlefield in the Central Continent? It will become complicated if the Arpen Kingdom directly intervenes here."

"I don't know about such things. It is just great that she came here."

In no time at all, rumours spread lớn Formos Castle and all users looked up at the sky.

“Hooray Grass Porridge Cult!”

“Unni, you are beautiful!"

“The best! My son, this is encouragement for your university entrance exam!"

"Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge!"

Once someone cried out, the entire crowd started chanting it.

-Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge!

The area was filled with the calls of Grass Porridge! Even though most of the crowd weren't believers, her appearance caused this place to fill with cheers like it was the Arpen Kingdom.

They forgot it was a battlefield as they called out passionately lớn Seo-yoon.

Seo-yoon approached Formos Castle while listening to lớn the cheers of the crowd, and soon, red và blue streaks rose from the wall to hit her.



"Oh my god… Unbelievable!"

Magic from the magic unit struông chồng Seo-yoon & Wy-3 who were approaching from the sky.


Wy-3 screamed as he descended.

Despite steadily growing while hunting in the Arpen Kingdom, the dozens of magic attacks hurt.

Wy-3 and Seo-yoon collided with the ground!

Formos Castle was on an open plain so they were easy targets for the magic unit.

"Who are they? Remove them."

The Hermes Guild user, who was in charge of the magic unit, ordered them to lớn attack the wyvern.

“3rd unit. Attachồng."

The magic attacks poured on Seo-yoon và Wy-3 like a carpet bombing.


Wy-3 squatted & wrapped his injured wings around himself.

The mighty firepower of the magic units was being shown off!

Seo-yoon picked up a sword & attacked the magic.

One, two, three, four, five…

She couldn't prsự kiện all the magic from hitting her. The crowd stared blankly. Seo-yoon was one of the strongest in Royal Road due lớn the nature of a berserker. But her growth had stagnated due to lớn Weed's quest and ruling the Arpen Kingdom.

Seo-yoon tried to protect Wy-3 from the magic attacks but he was still hit.

Tears flowed from Wy-3's eyes.

-Kukukuk! I'm okay.

“Sorry lớn have brought you here.”

-I knew this day would eventually come. This has been an eventful life.

Wy-3 said with a shrug.

-I was born on the battlefield và live sầu to fight. I've flown high and fast on this continent so I've sầu enjoyed my short life as a wyvern.


-Even if I die, rethành viên me. A valiant wyvern.

Wy-3 staggered up & stood in front of Seo-yoon.

-Run while I st& here. Stay alive.

Those words were said with the best courage from a cowardly wyvern.

Seo-yoon laughed brightly.

“Don’t worry. You’re not going lớn die."

She sent a whisper khổng lồ Weed.

“Sumtháng Wy-3 now. Quickly!"

Weed was hunting in the Arpen Kingdom but he used Summon Sculpture as soon as Seo-yoon told hyên khổng lồ. Wy-3 disappeared in a flash of light!

Wy-3 escaped và only Seo-yoon stood there alone as the magic attacks poured towards her. Seo-yoon looked at the magic attacks and sung.

-I also dream like you. Have sầu hope. It was hard to lớn start but don't give sầu up.

Have sầu the courage to walk along the road one step at a time.

The magic attacks swept over her.

* * *

Seo-yoon's death!

In Royal Road, there were numerous users who experienced death.

Their health reached 0 when fighting with monsters and they died. The penalty was a drop in màn chơi and skill proficiency and being unable lớn connect for a day.

However, they still couldn't feel good about being killed. Seo-yoon's death was broadcasted throughout the world.


"Goddess-nyên died."

The northern users watching the broadcast felt a big sense of loss.

Seo-yoon's presence in Royal Road was special.

Although there were numerous beautiful women, she became known through Weed's sculptures.

She joined Weed on his adventure và became closer to lớn the users after ruling the Arpen Kingdom.

She opened playgrounds and beautiful parks in the shanty village.

Apart from urban landscaping, she also implemented a variety of culture and welfare benefits and built small và large commercial và military buildings.

Unimaginable welfare benefits for novice users in Royal Road!

She was also worshiped as the goddess of the Grass Porridge Cult.

People of various ages và occupations in reality played Royal Road & the Grass Porridge Cult became a medium for them to lớn forget their anxiety.

It wasn't love but a presence that warmed their hearts.

Then she was killed by the Haven Empire.


The spoon fell from the h& of the worker who was eating in a restaurant alone.

He got up angrily as more men entered the restaurant.

“Those dogs"

"Hey. The meal?"

“The meal isn't important right now. Let's go!”

The men rushed out of the restaurant after hastily paying for the food they hadn't eaten.

An office worked stumbled blankly.

“This is the time… No."

He started work late due to lớn Royal Road. And of course, the members of the Arpen Kingdom's Grass Porridge Cult!

There was tremendous fury over this incident as one thành viên tried to liên hệ their company.

He was going to ask to lớn leave sầu the officer early but the deputy chief had his phone turned off.

“What is it? It is a difficult day."

After failing khổng lồ tương tác the team leader, the worker contacted the manager of the company.

He used the emergency phone but the fear of his future in the company was pushed aside. He thought he worked harder than anyone else.

“I want khổng lồ take my vacation today…"

-Won-chul syêu thích as well?

Chief Cha Ki-hwan.

He was a person with excellent abilities who handled work strictly.

"Huh? What?"

-Goddess-nlặng is dead.

"Ah… Yes. That's correct."

Chief Cha Ki-hwan was also a member of the Grass Porridge Cult.

He barely drank tea at the company so he didn't know.

-Leave. And vì chưng what you have sầu to lớn vì chưng.

* * *

Luon Media relayed the battle at Formos Castle. The hosts và cast members had received great gifts in advanced from the Hermes Guild.

They were provided with equipment, mansions & hunting grounds so they skillfully took the side of the Haven Empire.

"Haven Empire. They are svào. Putting aside their other advantages, they aren't an opponent that can be challenged when it comes lớn military power. Isn't this an empire?"

“The battle has been going on for one hour but the rebels haven't been able to lớn climb the walls."

“To be precise, they are swept away before even nearing. They are courageous but it is a really meaningless death."

“There are many heroes in the Hermes Guild. They are practically the first ones to lớn pioneer Royal Road & many of the strongest people have joined the guild. If they vì it right then this battle is already over."

The hosts và cast members emphasized the strength và splendour of the Haven Empire several times.

The viewers on the bulletin boards also followed the atmosphere set by the hosts as they amazed over the Haven Empire's incredible strength.

Luon Media was an Internet only channel & showed in multiple Asian countries. The audience ratings weren't high but they had a lot of recognition.

“It isn't possible to win this war. The battle will eventually over with the death of all the rebelling users."

“The Haven Empire has svào military power based on their experience of conquering the Central Continent & they are leading with magic. It is a crucial advantage. Even though some things aren't working properly, the Hermes Guild's rule is still svào.

“Then no one can bring down the Haven Empire?"

"Nothing is impossible. Something like the Embinyu Church that affects the continent or a Long attack."

"Haha. Those things are unlikely."

"That's right. The Haven Empire is already too tough lớn break down."

The hosts relaxed as the general users were defeated at Formos Castle.

At that moment, a female user riding a wyvern appeared on the screen.

The user relaying Luon Media the đoạn phim was on the wall of Formos Castle so they couldn't properly recognize her.

Then the wyvern crashed due to the magic attacks và Seo-yoon's face was shown on the screen.

“Eh? The face of that female user… Very beautiful."

“I feel lượt thích I've sầu seen it somewhere before."

“She looks lượt thích the star sculpture that Weed…"

Seo-yoon's popularity was so great that the hosts và cast members quickly recognized her.

"Breaking news. The production team is saying that she is the goddess of the Arpen Kingdom.

"Is this authentic information?"

“It is information obtained from the rebel camp."

“She also came on a wyvern. Wyvern. Is that Wy-3?"

They pretended khổng lồ be surprised but then the magic attacks hit her.

"Ah. The power of the Haven Empire is so svào. Can she get out of that crisis?"

"Too reckless. A dragon knight from the myths? She can't change the disadvantageous situation just because she was on a wyvern."

“The mana consumption has increased. This is the limit."

The hosts were on the side of the Haven Empire. They had received things from the Hermes Guild so they had to lớn pay the price.

Seo-yoon wielded a sword but the result was her death.

The hosts suddenly became alert.

'Hermes Guild… She isn't just a pretty girl!'

‘A famous user. She is Weed's girlfriover. Won't Weed clash with the Hermes Guild due to lớn this?'

'What about Formos Castle? Aren't the audience ratings rising a little bit? Then I should negotiate my performance fee again…'

As the hosts were thinking, the PD's urgent voice was heard in their earphones.

-It has become too big. Broadcast carefully! You have to lớn be upright right now.

"Ah… By the way, shouldn't we criticize that magic attack?"

"Yes. I don't know what is going on but those magic attacks are too much. It is very serious."

“It might be unavoidable because it is a battlefield but those magic attacks were ruthless."

The hosts hurriedly changed their attitudes as they mourned Seo-yoon's death.

* * *

Shortly after Seo-yoon's death was reported, the Internet communities were frozen due to lớn the shochồng. Then the bulletin boards started going crazy.

-Was the broadcast just now right?

-Is it a mistake? It has to lớn be.

-She should be in the Arpen Kingdom… It is natural to stay at Earth Palace.

-I saw her at the green fountain just a few hours ago. It is just a rumour.

-No. I'm certain. The đoạn phim of Wy-3 is properly captured.

The bulletin boards heated up as more broadcast videos of Seo-yoon appeared.

The rankings of every tìm kiếm site were related lớn Seo-yoon.

-1. Seo-yoon

-2. Death of the Grass Porridge Goddess

-3. Seo-yoon and Formos Castle

-4. Seo-yoon's Looks

-5. Seo-yoon Died

-6. Seo-yoon và Weed

-7. Wy-3

-8. Formos Castle

-9. Goddess Seo-yoon

-10. The Hermes Guild & Seo-yoon

Analysis of the broadcast videos popped up & they accepted Seo-yoon's death as a fact.

-The Hermes Guild has crossed the last line.

-Weed-nlặng can die. But she… She is not khổng lồ be harmed.

-We will accept this as a formal declaration of war against the Grass Porridge Cult!

-I went crazy when I watched the broadcast. I almost went khổng lồ the station lớn commit a terror act.

-Shut up, let's connect. Is now the time to be talking?

The connection rate to Royal Road started lớn explode.

The number of people wandering the streets were reduced and taxis were rarely seen on the roads.

It became as quiet as when a national drama that reached 60% audience ratings was aired.

On the other hvà, the capsule rooms all over the thành phố were crowded.

“Mister. Is there a room?"


“How long is the wait?"

"You have to wait over 8 hours. There are many people waiting so it might even go up khổng lồ trăng tròn hours."

There was a big stir in the capsule rooms of large cities.

Seo-yoon's popularity in Korea was no surprise, but people from Đài Loan Trung Quốc, nhật bản, the United States và other countries around the world accessed Royal Road.

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