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The way the industry has evolved, long-running franchises like GTA now have sầu an unbelievably profitable well lớn keep going baông xã lớn - remasters and remakes. This essentially refers lớn the catalog of excellent games in the series" past that have been successful & remain popular today.

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Games like GTA Vice City & San Andreas have a built-in fanbase that the series can always rely on for continued success. This puts Rockstar Games in a great spot as they have sầu a reliable avenue for guaranteed success and a way khổng lồ keep the fanbase satisfied.

Being one of the most beloved titles in the series, GTA Vice City has been mentioned frequently when speaking of games that could vày with a touch-up. Seeing how both Liberty City & San Andreas have been revisited in later games in the series, Vice City remains the only one to lớn have not gotten the HD treatment.

Why GTA Vice City Remastered would be a smart decision for Rockstar Games

1 - A stop-gap entry


2021, for Rockstar Games fans, is a year of great importance to lớn GTA. The second half of the year will see the release of GTA 5: Expanded & Enhanced Edition. Seeing how Strauss Zelnichồng (Take-Two Interactive CEO) said that Rockstar doesn"t like just port games, it means the remaster will have sầu taken a massive sầu effort.

This will essentially mean that GTA 6 is still far off in the distance, và what better than a Vice City remaster lớn fill the gap in the middle. While far from a complete sequel, a remaster for one of the most beloved titles in the series would go a long way in terms of pleasing the fans.

2 - Palpable demand và guaranteed success


GTA Vice City remaster is pretty much a home page run if there ever was one in the games industry. Most fans would enjoy playing the game on their new consoles with updated tech and visuals, even though the game has aged relatively well.

Vice City remains one of the most visually impressive open-worlds designed by Rockstar, and a proper remaster would help solidify that claim even further. Plus, the retro wave sầu mania that has taken over mainstream truyền thông would only help push GTA Vice City khổng lồ great success.

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3 - Creative opportunities


A remaster isn"t a complete remake, the difference might not seem like much at first, but it is pretty significant. A remake implies that the game has been worked on from scratch. For instance, Mafia: The Definitive Edition was a complete remake of the original và thus contained new cutscenes, new story beats, and felt lượt thích a completely new game.

While a remaster is more of an updated version of the original, that doesn"t mean that there isn"t space lớn experiment creatively. As chances are, Rockstar might want to go baông chồng & add or remove things to tighten up the whole experience.

Thus, providing an excellent opportunity for Rockstar to lớn go baông chồng and polish their mid-2000s masterpiece.

4 - Potential base for future GTA sequel


An open-world maps as revolutionary as Vice City represents a studio at the height of its powers. If it so happens that the next major GTA sequel takes place in Vice City, Rockstar might want to go baông xã khổng lồ the drawing board & figure out exactly what works about the Miami-inspired playground.

Thus, setting up a solid base for a future GTA sequel and an excellent opportunity for Rockstar khổng lồ assess what worked about titles in the past.

5 - Test the waters for the future


Vice City is about the safest bet of the lot (the lot meaning the PS2 trilogy) since it falls right between San Andreas và III. GTA Vice City is the perfect candidate for a remaster, và it will allow Rockstar to test the waters regarding future GTA remasters & whether they are worth the risk.

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Since Rockstar has an unbelievably high standard for their products, it will be interesting khổng lồ see whether they consider remasters worth their production cost.

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GTA Vice City

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