Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei



Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is a popular light novel written by Satou Tsutomu . The story is translated to lớn English và covers Action, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi, Shounen, Supernatural genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei and can be read for free.

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It is a sản phẩm of neither legends nor fairy tales, but instead has become a giải pháp công nghệ of reality since a time unknown to people.

Supernatural nguồn became a technology systematized through magic, while magic became a technical skill. A “Supernatural power User” became a “Magic Technician”.

Magic Technicians (in short, Magicians) are nurtured through Magic High Schools and Universities.

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This is a story about:

A defective elder brother and low achiever.

A perfect, flawless younger sister & high achiever.

After both siblings entered a Magic High School,

The stage of daily turbulence was unveiled —.

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The Beginning After The end
Martial God Asura
Daughter of the Dao và Devil Venerables
Trash of the Count’s Family
Once Human, Now a Parasite
In This Life, I Will Be The Lord
Return of Mount Hua Sect
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
Warlock of the Magus World
My Vampire System




Adventure April 15, 2022
The Rise from Max level 1: How I, the Lowest Level, Became the Strongest in Another World

Comedy April 15, 2022
I Love Small and Cute Senpai, I Want lớn Make Her Blush Three Times A Day
Fantasy April 15, 2022
The Emperor’s Daily Nitpicking
Comedy April 14, 2022
Transmigrated to lớn Twenty Years Ago & Adopted Myself
Fantasy April 14, 2022
Reincarnated Villainess Does Not Want Revenge
Action April 14, 2022
One Punch Man King Engine
Action April 14, 2022
The đen Fog that Devours
Mature April 14, 2022
Referring to Father as Elder Brother
Action April 13, 2022
Governor’s Illness
Drama April 13, 2022
Eternal Burning



The Verdant Lands Chapter 47
pleaseee Ashi is such a precious guy istg
Trash of the Count’s Family Chapter 558
Cale, i believe in you! Find the answers, resolve your regrets, save them all!Get back khổng lồ your friends and destroy that annoying black hand dude in the future!Then live your slacker life! I believe in you!!
Trash of the Count’s Family Chapter 557
I agree! LET HIM REST Ik he’s always been caring but it’s just that he always keep everything khổng lồ his heart ,bottling his emotions up
I eat kids
Trash of the Count’s Family Chapter 731
I’m curious about Clopeh who’s he close toAlso’s getting personal again seeing Kim Rok Soo past..
I eat kids
The Tyrant’s Beloved Empress Chapter 41
É uma história muito boa!