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The biggest obstacle for newer players khổng lồ enjoy the classics of past generations is usually the graphics.

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Veteran gamers might think the original GTA IV doesn’t look too bad – but when you’ve grown up with GTA V, The Witcher 3, God of War, and Horizon: Zero Dawn, Niko’s adventure looks lượt thích a 16-bit game.

Luckily for anyone looking to tóm tắt or re-experience one of the best action-adventure crime simulators, modders have been active for years crafting mods that bring this 2008 trò chơi to current times.

Clean up your glasses & put some moisturizing drops on those dry eyes, because it’s time khổng lồ dive into the world of GTA IV graphic enhancements.

10. GTA IV Enhanced Reshade


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Not all graphic enhancements for Niko Bellic’s adventure in Liberty thành phố involve injecting new visual effects or filters into the game. Sometimes, a little more contrast will vày the trick.

The GTA IV Enhanced Reshade thủ thuật gives your trò chơi a facelift by doing just that: increasing contrast và clearing up the game’s “washed out” look.

Initially, the somewhat hazy aesthetic of GTA IV was perfect for a game about tearing down the American Dream và shining a light on its traps, but after playing GTA V, it just feels dated.

This thủ thuật makes GTA IV feel more focused và palatable for modern audiences.

9. ENBLite


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The ENBseries post-processing suite allows modders khổng lồ inject all sorts of extra visual effects into their favorite games, including better lighting & shaders.

ENB stands for Enhanced Natural Beauty – and that’s exactly what you’ll get from ENBLite for GTA IV.

This specific graphic enhancement shines for how much it manages khổng lồ improve GTA IV’s visual fidelity without tanking your frames per second.

You’ll get more realistic lighting, intense colors, và more without taking your rig to the limit.

8. Cinematic IVisuals


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I always hear from GTA IV fans how playing the game feels similar khổng lồ watching publicly-acclaimed movies lượt thích Scarface, taxi Driver, and the 1997 Russian film Brother.

If you want khổng lồ make Niko’s adventure feel even more lượt thích an action flick, you’ll love the Cinematic IVisuals mod.

This add-on uses ReShade lớn inject advanced post-processing enhancements to GTA IV. These include much better surface reflections, a cinematic Depth of Field effect, and Anti-Aliasing to lớn smooth out the traditionally jagged edges of several in-game objects & shadows.

The result is a trò chơi that looks more natural và realistic. You’ll find several options lớn choose from depending on what your rig can handle – so give it a shot!

7. Art Style Graphics IV


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Most visual enhancement mods try lớn make the trò chơi more photorealistic and immersive – but not Art Style Graphics IV.

This mod is for those of you who lượt thích flashy, over-the-top visuals that evoke intense feelings instead of futile attempts at convincing your brain that what you’re looking at is, in fact, not a game.

This hack was inspired by GTA’s long history of appealing, graphic novel-styled covers, loading screens, và official wallpapers.

Thanks khổng lồ cel-shading & highly vivid colors, playing GTA IV with this mod feels lượt thích a surreal fever dream – and I’m living for it!

6. Simple ENB


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For something much more traditional, kiểm tra out Simple ENB.

Once installed, you’ll immediately notice a beautiful glossy finish & more detailed reflections on many vehicles.

The colors are also much more vivid, and every element on the screen pops out and tries khổng lồ grab your attention.

This is one of my favorite mods for weather in Liberty City. It offers a distinctive look depending on whether it’s sunny, windy, foggy, or raining – và it’s all beautiful.

5. GTA4 4K2K Allagga Graphics


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Increasing texture resolution is one of the most basic ways to lớn improve the looks of an older game – và Allagga Graphics is the best option for GTA IV.

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While the mod is still a work in progress, the author has updated various building surfaces, floors, và character outfits lớn 4K và 2K, so you can choose what works best for your rig.

The best part about it is that you can pair it with most ENB and ReShade mods for a truly spectacular result or cover untouched textures with other mods.

4. CryENB V3


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CryENB is one of the most well-known GTA IV beautifying tools, và it just keeps getting better with each release.

The new V3 build brings improvements like better weather, redesigned clouds, fine-tuned contrast settings, và much better shadows from buildings, vehicles, & pedestrians.

Some of the most appealing effects introduced by this mod involve lighting & reflections.

Just like taking a selfie at the right time before sunset can make you look ten times more attractive, so can the proper moody lighting make GTA IV look absolutely breathtaking.

3. GTA4 Excellent ENB Graphics V.5


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Creator AP84 has been working on his own all-encompassing ENB enhancement for GTA IV for a while – & people are starting to notice.

The fifth version of this excellent visual tăng cấp features everything you’d expect, from improved lighting to more vivid colors.

What sets it apart is achieving a delicate balance between the different new visual effects, so the trò chơi shines as a whole package rather than giving it a distinct “moody,” “cinematic,” or “dramatic” appeal.

Something else I love is that the nights aren’t too dark, which other ENBs tend lớn fail at. I appreciate the immersion as much as the next guy, but I’d rather be able lớn see what I’m doing.

2. ICEnhancer 3.0


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Hayssam Keilany’s iCEnhancer has been the gold standard for GTA IV visual enhancements for over eight years. Until he finishes iCEnhancer 4.0, it’ll remain the best option for most of us.

One of the first things you’ll notice right off the bat are more vivid và natural colors. No more gray-skinned Niko & downright depressing surroundings.

Shadows are also on a whole other level, as are the game’s reflections, which look slightly warped instead of picture-perfect like in the original game.

The game’s “video-gamey” look is also massively reduced by bringing things closer khổng lồ the player’s perspective into focus lượt thích a real camera.

1. ICEnhancer 3.0 Natural


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While waiting for the new iCEnhancer update, check out this “Natural” custom version by modder DayL.

This take on the original iCEnhancer 3.0 focuses on making the game look as photorealistic as possible.

It keeps all of the upgrades introduced by the original but tweaks màu sắc correction và lighting lớn tone down excessive vividness.

This way, it looks less like GTA V và more lượt thích its own thing – which is appropriate considering the game takes place in Liberty City, not some tropical paradise lượt thích Los Santos.

The best part about the previous two mods is that they’ll work fine on any mid-level rig. You’re mix as long as you have a decent processor and a dedicated graphics card.

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