Root Máy Samsung Galaxy Y


So vì you decided to root & want to lớn know how root your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 ? Here is everything you need lớn know. Read this guide carefully and make the final decision to lớn root.

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So vì chưng you decided lớn root và want khổng lồ know how root your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 ? Here is everything you need to lớn know. Read this guide carefully & make the final decision khổng lồ root.

Android and iOS are among the most widely used operating systems worldwide, as it is the default operating system on most điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh and tablet models. These two Unix-like systems are radically different in terms of performance, although they have some basic similarities.

Without a doubt, one of the most important is lớn limit user access lớn the mặc định file system, primarily for security reasons. If you want lớn remove these restrictions, you have lớn root the Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 . Rooting should be tried at your own risk since Samsung vì not welcome this modification of the operating system.

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Prepare Samsung Galaxy Y for Root


In this article, we tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of rooting the Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 , what exactly it means và what steps you need to take to vì it.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 : What does it mean?


Rooting refers to obtaining advanced access rights on devices with Unix – like operating systems by the user. The term comes from the name given khổng lồ the chief administrator account, called “Root” on Unix & similar systems.

On rooted Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 , it allows Superuser to access the entire system and make changes that would not be possible with the normal user account. For example, removing pre-installed applications or updating the system manually.

The rooting issue is primarily related to mobile devices. The main reason is that most sản phẩm điện thoại devices have Android (Linux-based) or iOS (BSD-based) operating systems installed by default. Here settings limits user access on the apk device. Compared lớn Android Root, iOS root is even more challenging to enable, because quả táo has protected with additional restrictions. For this reason, for iPhone, iPad và the rest of devices with this system, this rooting procedure is usually called jailbreak (in English, “prison break”).

Which brings us to the question: is it worth it?

Benefits of rooting Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

It is necessary to cảnh báo that just obtaining the Root will not instantly resolve all your problems on your Motorola Photon 4G Electrify sunfire. Rooting will only provide you with the capability to vì it. Here are all the clear benefits of using a rooted Motorola Photon 4G.

Remove Bloatware: With rooting, you can remove the Manufactures apps and Bloatware which are unnecessary on your Motorola Photon 4G Electrify sunfire. Removing Bloatware helps you to save the storage space & also helps khổng lồ improve device performance.

Better backups: You can individual backup apps, including your ứng dụng data on your Motorola Photon 4G Electrify sunfire. Don’t Miss Your Data. With this backup apps, you can create the backup of your needed apps along with the data.

Here are some of backup apps:

Titanium BackupNandroid backup

We have a detailed article on how to backup apps & its data using backup apps. Read and find out more. Reading more further through the post will allow you to back up your whole operating system with only a touch

CUSTOM ROMs: From the name itself, you can guess what the Custom ROMs exactly means. Custom ROM is the modified version of another ROM. Developers are mostly working with AOSP (Android open Source Project) code và come with a revised version.

Check Out: list of Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

In the case of your Motorola Photon 4G Electrify sunfire, the manufacturers of it develops the ROM with many apps và utilities. They địa chỉ cửa hàng their services, applications, layers to have a different design, và much more software overload, which makes the final set too heavy. Khổng lồ overcome this, the CUSTOM ROM developed khổng lồ create a solution for your Motorola Photon 4G Electrify sunfire.As the developers are more concerned about the performance by removing unwanted apps or Bloatware & doing many other modifications, they come out with more cleaner ROMs than manufacturers.

You can read more about the Custom ROMs here. Also, kiểm tra out the Custom ROM installation guide from out Tweak Guides.

Additional Applications và Features: You will be able to run applications that are not available in the Play Store. Also, you will be able to modify not only the software but also the hardware (through CPU overclocking và sub-cycling).

What are the risks of rooting Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 ?


If rooting is so beautiful, why doesn’t everyone root their Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 ? That may be the question you are asking yourself right now.

The reality is that this decision also has its disadvantages and are usually as high as the benefits:

You can damage the Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 : that freedom to lớn optimize the performance of the hardware must be used with a conscience since otherwise there is a risk of damaging some vital component for the operation of the smartphone. Once this happened, there is no return behind.No Google apps: Many of the apps in the Google package will be disabled as they vày not work on your rooted Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 . This Google Packages mainly includes the Google Play Store, which means that you will not be able lớn install any app officially, & you will generally have lớn resort lớn APKs.

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Loss of warranty: Some manufacturers often withdraw their rooted di động phone warranty, so you will be losing the developer’s support, which is a considerable disadvantage.Security vulnerabilities: by having to install apps from unknown sources, you run the risk of some host of viruses that compromise data privacy.

Is it worth rooting Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 ?

Right now you may find yourself at a real crossroads and wondering whether it is worth rooting your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 or is it better not to take those risks. The reality is that the decision must be made based on two essential factors: the performance of your current mobile, và your needs as a superuser.

The benefits of your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 are an essential factor here because basically, these will determine the chất lượng jump that you will give after rooting. 

On the other hand, there are your needs as a user & what you expect from the Rooted Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 . If you are the average user who only uses the thiết bị di động to talk to friends and check social networks, you vị not have many reasons khổng lồ root. If instead, you are looking for more nguồn so that the điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh can run a trò chơi better, you may have a better idea.

Instructions to lớn root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 without problems

Having proper preparation before starting the rooting process on your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 is very important khổng lồ avoid all possible mistakes và delays. To begin with,please make sure, following instructions are taken into consideration.

Take a Full backup of all your existing data.Charge your Samsung device to at least 80% battery.Enable Unknown Source Installation for apk.Always check compatibility and tải về the latest version of the rooting tool. But make sure the version of the tool is compatible with your firmware và device model.Have a proper WiFi connection, as you need a stable network connection to proceed through downloads.For PC versions, please install the drivers on Windows PC & prepare it.Enable USB debugging from device if you are planning via PC root download.

Steps khổng lồ root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 without PC

Once you have made all the preparations, it is time lớn start rooting your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 easily và quickly. Currently, there are dozens of applications that make this process an effortless task, but before choosing one, you must take into account the version of your operating system.

Some of the methods that we present below are available for versions of game android 5.0 or lower, while with others if you can root until version 8.0 of the OS. Apk 9 & higher currently cannot be rooted because no tiện ích can.


Although the name is very similar khổng lồ the first app on our list, it is an entirely different tool. It has a desktop version, but more recently they released an app version capable of directly rooting the device without any intermediate steps. The steps to follow in this case are:

Root process of Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 with KingRoot

 Activate the installation of files from Unknown sources in apk settings.Download the ứng dụng that we offer you just below this little guide và install just lượt thích you would with any other.Once installed, open the interface. On this screen, you can see the status of the phone & whether it is already rooted or not. We assume that you are in the latter case, so you will have khổng lồ click on Start Root to start the process.A progress bar will notify you how everything is going. When the app completes the process & gives you root access to lớn the device, you will see a screen alerting you of this.

Kingo Root

Kingo Root is a tool that allows you lớn root a điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh easily. It is compatible with most mobiles on the market (except with high-end devices such as the pixel or the latest-generation Samsung), so it is recommending lớn start with this option before going through more difficult routes và tutorials. Here we explain the steps khổng lồ follow lớn carry out the root process:

Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 by Kingo Root

Check that the điện thoại cảm ứng has at least 40% battery before starting the process.Take a look at the các mục of compatible phones on the developer’s website to see if the application can be useful to lớn you (the list may not be fully updated, và the ứng dụng could work on your device even if it is not).Back up your data to restore it in case something goes wrong during the process. Prevented person is worth two.authorize the installation of app android files from outside Google Play if it has not been done before in the Unknown sources thực đơn in Settings> Applications.Download, install and mở cửa the Kingo Root application.Press the One Click Root button.It will take a few minutes for the tiện ích to handle the process (the device may restart halfway, normal).restart android as soon as the application gives the notice of having finished.If the process has worked correctly, the phone is already rooted.


If Kingo Root has not worked, the next option you should try is the iRoot application, just as simple as the previous one & suitable for all user levels:

Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 using iRoot

Charge the device at least up lớn 85% battery before starting the process.Make a backup of everything (messages, photos, music, contacts, etc.) to avoid risks after a root failure.In the phone settings, check the Unknown sources box under Settings> Applications.Download the iRoot app android file from the corresponding button on our website và install the application (the device may detect the tiện ích as dangerous, but it can be instaling anyway).After opening the app, tap the Get Root access button khổng lồ start rooting the phone and be the end of the process, the phone will reboot.

Steps to root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 with PC

If none of the three previous applications has affected when rooting your Android smartphone or tablet, you should move lớn a more aggressive method, connect the device khổng lồ a Windows computer via USB.

One-Click Root

One-Click RootThis is the second option. You have lớn make rooting easy và fast. As its name implies, with it, you can easily carry out the process with a single click, thus saving you many problems. The best thing is that with it, you can unlock devices with apk 8.0 or lower systems, being one of the most powerful in that regard.

However, it is only compatible with a shortlist of equipment such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, SONY, và other very commercial brands, so if you have a model from a little-known manufacturer, you may not be able lớn use it. If by chance you can bởi vì it, the steps are straightforward:

Download One Click Root lớn your computer và connect the device via USB after activating debugging.Run the program and click “Start” to start the software doing its work.

Dr Fone

Today there is software for Windows that allows you to lớn root smartphones easily through a guided process, much lượt thích any step-by-step software installation. It is presenting as a program compatible with most manufacturers on the market (Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Sony, LG …), with more than 7,000 different models and with app android 6.0, 7.0, & 8.0 operating systems. Dr.Fone for game android that, in addition lớn easily rooting a điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh by following the steps shown below, also allows you lớn manage all the nội dung on the device, create backups or protect user confidentiality, among many other options. To lớn root apk with this software, follow these steps:

Dr.fone root process interface

Connect android phone to lớn PC via USB cable.You will receive a message on the phone if your apk version is higher than 4.2.2.Press the OK button khổng lồ authorize the USB debugging.Click Start khổng lồ have the software scan and detect the Android điện thoại cảm ứng or tablet and find out how to lớn root the device (may take a few minutes).When the program displays the option, click on the Root now button & hit Confirm when the button displays during the process to continue and finish.

Check if Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 is rooted?

Once you have completed all the previous procedures that we have just taught you, you have khổng lồ know that you will have the possibility then to check all the details about it, in a fast & straightforward way.

It is Nothing more or less than using an application such as Root Checker.which is specially designed for it & that once you have installed và executed on your terminal, it will tell you in just a second if it is rooted successfully or not. Nothing more than that.

Best Apps For Rooted Phone

On the above section, I have mentioned about the various use of rooted Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 . Here listing the most popular và useful apk apps that might help you.


It is no secret to anyone that, in many cases, the performance of mobile phones can be affected and deteriorate day after day due to lớn applications that generally run in the background without game android customers being aware of it.


If you are an android client who is using khổng lồ installing custom ROMs, this phầm mềm is ideal for you, which has a miễn phí and a paid version. About the không tính tiền version, it has a limit of three flashes daily, and because of that, if you need to vị more, you will need to purchase its premium version.

In short, it refers lớn an app that facilitates flushing processes, and its most significant advantage is that it has the option lớn schedule flashes without the requirement khổng lồ restart your phone. Thus, it is basing on ROMs, zips, mods, kernels, recovery images, & much more.

System phầm mềm Remover

Although it is true, in this operating system, by default, a series of pre-installed applications come that ordinary users cannot remove. However, by rooting your device and downloading this ứng dụng from Google Play, it will be straightforward to remove all the filler applications you want.

This System phầm mềm Remover means that it is an excellent tool that simplifies the removal of “bloatware,” which is the term by which this type of pre-installed program is identifying on the systems.

MacroDroid – Automation

Although it is true, in this operating system, by default, a series of pre-installed applications come that ordinary users cannot remove. However, by rooting your device và downloading this ứng dụng from Google Play, it will be straightforward to remove all the filler applications you want.

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This System tiện ích Remover means that it is an excellent tool that simplifies the removal of “bloatware,” which is the term by which this type of pre-installed program is identifying on the systems.