How To Root Asus Zenfone 5 Lte / T00P Android 5

How to lớn root ZenFone 5 T00F/T00J WW app android 5.0 Lollipop v3.23.40.52 / / / – Step by Step Tutorial

Hi mates,I am posting this tutorial because there is no Step by Step Tutorial to lớn Root hãng asus ZenFone 5 T00F/T00J running Lollipop và a lot of people are finding it difficult to Root their devices.So here we go.All credit goes khổng lồ shakalaca for providing the Root Kit.Before You Begin :
I won’t be liable if any damage occurs lớn your device during the process.Proceed at your own risk.

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Rooting your phone will void the manufacturer"s warranty (You can Unroot anyway).The battery of the phone should be at least 80% charged.Requirements :ASUS apk USB Driver - download LinkADB Installer v1.4.2 (Credit goes khổng lồ Snoop05 ) - tải về LinkZF5_LP_RootKit - tải về Link 1 / tải về Link 2USB Data CablePCInstructions :Step 1: tải về Zip file (ZF5_LP_RootKit )Step 2: Extract the root package on your PC using 7-Zip/WinZip

Step 3:
Enable USB debugging on your phone < Go to lớn Settings >About phone> Software information >Build number.Now tap on Build Number 7 times,it will enable “Developer options” in Settings.Again,go back khổng lồ Settings > Developer options > Enable the USB debugging (by checking the box against “USB debugging” ) >

Step 4:
Install USB drivers (if you haven"t installed ) in your PC ( kiểm tra the installed Programs danh mục : Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsPrograms và Features )Step 5: Run ADB Installer v1.4.2 khổng lồ install ADB drivers and thiết lập ADB on the PC.Step 6: Connect your phone to lớn the PC using a USB Cable.You will get a pop-up saying “Allow USB debugging” on the phone.Tick the check box that says “ Always allow for this computer” & press OK

Step 7:
With the phone connected lớn the PC, run the “ Root “ (Windows batch tệp tin ) file by double click on it.Linux & Mac users should run “” file.

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Step 8:
In your PC,a notification will appear in Command Prompt (cmd),asking you lớn “Press any key to continue… ”. Press any key on the keyboard. The Root process will start your phone will now reboot into fastboot mode automatically và then start flashing the root files.Don’t interrupt the process,let it complete.Step 9: Once the process is completed,the phone will reboot automatically.Once the rooting process is finished ,in cmd it will ask you “Press any key lớn continue… ”.Press any key on the keyboard và disconnect the USB Cable.

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Step 10: Once your phone is Rebooted.Check if there is any “SuperSU” app installed in the phone,if it’s installed,the process is successful.Congratulations!!!You have got the Root access. :good:You can verify the root access on your device using apps lượt thích Root kiểm tra or Root Checker.Don’t forget to lớn unroot your device before applying any OTA.To unroot your device,run UnRoot (Windows Batch File) by double clicking it OR in SuperSU settings click “Full unroot”.Tested by me on asus ZenFone 5 A501CG Enjoy!!!