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GTA San Andreas Best SavegameInstallation:1. Extract the RAR File2. Copy the Folder "GTA San Andreas User Files"3. Go to lớn Documents Folder4. Paste the Folder There5. If it Says lớn Replace Than Replace ItFeatures:1. Custom Name of Savegame Which is "LEGEND"2. Unlimited Money3. Unlimited Ammo4. All Safehouses Unlocked5. 100% Completed6. Garages Full of Vehicles7. Legit Stats8. All Clothes Unlocked9. All Schools 100% Completed10. Best Weapons EquipedHow to Play:1. xuất hiện GTA San Andreas 2. Go to Start Game3. Go to lớn Load Game4. Load the Savegame Which"s Name is "LEGEND" Have a Nice Day!Regards:Rauf Legend(Donnot Edit or Upload My Savegame!!!)

- All passed!"The Ballas and Vagas don"t exist, they"re all destroyed!"- Driving school và pilot school passed for the Gold Medal!- Found everything: jumps, shells, horseshoes, cars, oysters, pictures, graffiti!The best insane stunt: "the Perfect Quadruple Insane Stunt!"-All bought! Money all nines! Passed without cheats!

The game is completed without cheats for 100%, plus:1)All schools are completed with gold award;2)the entire territory has been Captured;3) Bought all the clothes;4)in the house of CJ-ya in Los Santos,as well as in the garage of the auto siêu thị CJ-ya in San Fierro are tuned cars; 5)Relationships with all girls - 100%.

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Features:- Completed all the missions- Collected all the oystersCollected all horseshoes- Bought all the houses the state of San AndreasIn the hangar there are some machines as gargobob raindance - Bought all the clothes- Infinite ammo weapons - No bugs- 100% attitude to lớn girls- All schools finished for the gold medal- Complete all profession


Save with a quality transport.In the garages saved 50 types of chất lượng vehicles (bulletproof, fireproof, shockproof).Replaces the 5 slot.
The main feature of the preserve sầu are invulnerable cars, helicopters & bikes located in the garage of Charles and invulnerable machine girls CJ.Save before the penultimate mission. Replaces the 8 slot.

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This save sầu adds a new gang territory in Los Santos, Las Venturas & San Fierro. Save sầu contains 100% completion.Replaces the 4 slot.
Save sầu before the mission kết thúc of the line (last mission)Includes:Minigun (available at Toreno"s ranch)The cars inside the garage: The Johnson home: purple voodoo on the right (from the mission called "the big smoke and travel") & Sabra greenEl corona garage: Savana CaesarSanta Maria beach: police carGillmor: camper (with painting)Doherty: Pimpđiện thoại Džizzi (Broadway).

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The gang rides for you

Bro you have to type the cheat code "SJMAHPE" và alặng at any gang memb...

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