Shadow fight 3: chapter 3: boss bolo


Shadow Fight 3 is the 3rd installment in the Shadow Fight series. It’s also the first fighting game in the series that allows character customization. & unlike in previous, this one uses life-like three-dimensional characters, providing more details than the 2 chiều silhouette used before.

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And like with any Shadow Fight game, the fighting & battles are always going lớn be epic. But they’re also more challenging here, especially when it comes khổng lồ dealing with bosses. But who are these bosses, and what makes them powerful? Let’s discuss all of these things in this article.

The Chapter 1 Bosses In Shadow Fight 3

Here are the following bosses that you will be able lớn draw your skills from Chapter 1. Getting to lớn know some of their backgrounds và skillsets will let you succeed in fighting for the following coming chapters. Take chú ý that most of these bosses are powerful và even have special abilities. So, using both intellectual and physical skills can help you move further.

The Dynasty Warlord Deng Rao

Deng Rao is the first boss that you will have to defeat in Shadow Fight 3. He uses a dadao called Dragon’s Roar. He uses three shadow abilities and two perks, making him an annoyance to khuyến mãi with. The fight with him will last five rounds, & you need to win 3 to lớn advance.

The Shadow Squad thành viên Gizmo

The second quái dị in Chapter 1 is Gizmo, who was also training you at the beginning. He uses a Battle Sword and has three exclusive abilities và three perks. The Battle Sword has a devastating power, which is a high chance of stunning you if you get hit. But once you get stunned, Gizmo will drop his sword & continue the fight barehanded.

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The Shadow Squad Sergeant Sarge





The Chapter 7 Bosses in Shadow Fight 3

The last chapter goes to lớn the bosses with a compelling skill for you lớn fight. As mentioned before, adapt all the skills used in the previous chapters to lớn succeed in this chapter. Though, expect that enemies here are pretty hard to lớn beat as the final monster comes lớn the scene.

The Real Bolo

The real Bolo will fight you as the first quái vật in Chapter 7. He uses a Nodachi as his weapon & a scary quality ability. He can parry attacks thrown at him, reverse time lớn regenerate health, and stop everything around him.

Legion Chief Gizmo

You again face Gizmo in Chapter 7 as the last monster of part 1. The Legion chief uses the Light Brim as his weapon, but he can change them to shadow shields while in Shadow Form. He also uses the shields as brass knuckles, dealing with heavy damage.

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The Nomad Jet

The Final Bosses in Shadow Fight 3

The final trùm cuối in Shadow Fight 3 is none other than Shadow himself, the protagonist in Shadow Fight 2. The Shadow’s power corrupted him, making him an evil tyrant. You fight in three phases, first fighting Shadow inside a robot, then as himself, & then in his permanent Shadow Form. He uses a variety of combat styles & can conjure many weapons while in shadow form. Fights with him can last seven rounds.