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Microsoft Minesweeper is an illusionary test of memory và one of the best và most played Windows classic games of all time. The goal is to lớn find the empty squares & avoid the mines.Bạn đang xem: thiết lập game minesweeper mang đến win 7

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Sounds easy, right, find the empty squares while avoiding the mines. The faster you clear the board, the better your score.Click on a tile to see how many mines are around that tile. Turn over all tiles without revealing a mine khổng lồ win.

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Here you can download, install và play for không tính tiền the popular trò chơi Minesweeper in different versions. If you have ever played the Minesweeper trò chơi in any Microsoft Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10), you have experienced how easy & yet very frustrating how this trò chơi can be.

Or maybe you are one of those people who have actually dropped the expert level. Expert cấp độ can be solved very quickly. In fact, many people have solved expert level in less than 100 seconds.

This guide will also show you how lớn play Minesweeper better. It will take you from the basics khổng lồ advanced concepts. In the end, you have the knowledge to throw off your expert Minesweeper.

The job of the Minesweeper is to lớn clear every cell in the area that does not contain a mine. Only then does the game end. The distinction is important here. At the kết thúc of the game, Minesweeper will automatically mark any flag unmarked mines for you.

The trò chơi has written for many system platforms in use today, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1 & Windows 10.

When playing without flags, focus only on cells that have no mines. After all, the goal of the trò chơi is to clear all the cells that have no mines. This technique is difficult because it removes the visual clues as to lớn where mines are located.

The goal of the trò chơi is khổng lồ clear an abstract minefield detonating cord without a mine. Just download, install and play the classic game carefully, the mines are in the position be careful you may thua trận the game on the first click.

The more you play minesweeper, the more you will be able khổng lồ quickly see these situations and mark them without counting adjacent cells. The complete technique determinism is almost always sufficient to lớn solve the beginner và intermediate levels.

The last two digits are very important. If you did not get the súc tích at first reading, read it over and over until you see the logic. A similar trick helps you solve other situations with partial determinism.

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Partial determinism allows you to clear or misuse a particular cell, but this information does not always yield results that you can use. Not to be discouraged by this.

Every step towards a solution is a step in the right direction, and the extra information will come in handy later in the game as you get around the situation again.


How to download and Play Minesweeper onWindows PC:

Minesweeper has three standard boards lớn choose from, each progressively more difficult.You can also create a custom board by clicking the game menu, and then clicking options. Minesweeper supports boards of up khổng lồ 720 squares & 668 mines.

• Beginner: 81 tiles, 10 mines• Intermediate: 256 tiles, 40 mines• Expert: 480 tiles, 99 mines

The rules in Minesweeper are simple:• If you uncover any mine the game ends.• You can keep playing if you uncover an empty square.• Uncover any number, and it will tell you that how many mines are lined up in the 8 surrounding squares.• The information you can use khổng lồ conclude which squares are safe to click.

Useful Tips:• Mark the mines: If you think a square hides a mine, right click on it and this will puts a flag on that square. If you are not sure, right-click again lớn put a question mark on it.

• Study the patterns: If any 3 squares in a row display 2 3 2, then you should probably know that there are 3 mines are lined up beside the row. If a square says 8, every surrounding square is mined.

• Explore: If you are not sure where khổng lồ click, then try clearing few unexplored squares. It is better lớn click in the middle of any unmarked squares.

Full Features:• Display Animations• Play Sounds• Show Tips• Allow Question Marks (on double right click)• Customs Height, Width and Mines• Always Continue Saved Game• Always Save trò chơi on Exit• For new game press F2 key• For statistics press F4 key• For options press F5 key• Easy download and install

To Start a Game:• Click to mở cửa Games. • Double-click Minesweeper.• Choose a difficulty level—Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.• to start, click a tile.

To Save a Game:• If you want khổng lồ finish the game later, you can close the game và then click save game.• The next time you xuất hiện the game, you will be asked whether you want to continue your last game.• If so, click yes.

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To Change trò chơi Options:• You can adjust the difficulty level, turn animation on & off, and more.• Click to xuất hiện games.• Double-click on Minesweeper.• Click the game menu, & then click options.• Make your choices, and then click OK.