Pokemon 3 chiều is an interesting remake trò chơi by the Nillz team of by including some interesting storyline khổng lồ the game. Enjoy the adventures và new missions khổng lồ compete with your opponents. Perhaps you may have played the pokemon Gold và silver, if yes, then get ready for its remake. The main character has to lớn play several missions and discover some hidden places & gems. Having a completely new start screen, & a new appearance of the main player makes the game more quality for all the android as well as PC users. Many app android users are wondering how to lớn play the game but its pretty similar lớn the Gold & Silver Version. Let’s move on lớn the detail section of this nhận xét to discover some amazing features of this game.

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Game Name: Pokemon 3 chiều EditionCreated by: Nillz the teamPlatforms: RPG XP & Android

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Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon 3 chiều Game Download:

The main character has to lớn play the role of a change maker and can bring some nice changes khổng lồ the area. The game has gotten some nice collection of backgrounds and main menus that can make the game more unique than any RPG XP Maker games. Lots of game android users are searching for the game tải về version & how to play the game. Its a message for those people, you don’t have lớn worry at all because its chơi game is completely similar khổng lồ the chơi game of gold và silver games. In fact all the characters of gold & silver games are present in the game, some additional characters are also present which makes the choice richer for you.

As the trò chơi starts you will face a new start screen which has the welcoming text of displaying some greeting khổng lồ you. After that, the user has to lớn choose any best-fit character that he wants khổng lồ choose from và continue the game in its own way. Some nice mega evolution happened this year in the game by transforming some characters to completely different characters which you can choose from. Remember that all of your starters are ready to choose any of the pokemon that you have not chosen yet. But khổng lồ keep the ball rolling you have to quickly take some random decisions of choosing the best-fit pokemon from the list. Also, every pokemon have its abilities và you have khổng lồ only choose them via looking at their abilities & strengths. Also, download the Pokemon Charcoal Version

The battle scenes và moves of the player has been improved a lot while making sure that the theme of the game remains the same. In the 3d edition of pokemon trò chơi you will have the opportunity to see and discover all the buildings in the 3d mode. Even the 2d buildings are being transformed lớn 3D. So the graphics of this game is way khổng lồ awesome from the previous editions of pokemon gold và silver roms. They were too old graphics which don’t appeal too much for playing the game for hours.

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Inspired from Minecraft:

After so much craze và success khổng lồ the Minecraft game, the developers of this game comes up with this idea of transforming his idea & collecting the idea of pokemon games khổng lồ make a new game. For making a new game he certainly need the storyline as well which was inspired from the minecraft itself as well from the pokemon gold silver rom. So all in all conditions here, play the game in the Minecraft environment & the storyline will off the pokemon game.

Multiplayer mode:

One of the biggest change in the gameplay environment is to lớn introduce the game play of multiplayer mode. Now in the latest version of 2019, you have the chance to play the trò chơi in a multiplayer environment và challenge all of your friend circle lượt thích in Pokemon Orb Version. Even you can bởi vì all of the missions combined và you will have the better option to defeat all of your enemies as soon as you both can. Just choose your starter character & have fun with playing the trò chơi for maintaining the HP cấp độ high and discover the whole world of pokemon.

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List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon 3 chiều Zip EXE download:

Having new additional graphics & moves.The movesets are different.This version is available for PC Users.Compatible with all the windows.Practical 3 chiều game of pokemon.New area to discover all pokemon.Extra new features of Pokeball.Complete the Pokedex.Run in between the buildings.No TMs and HMs.Some nice little characters.

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