Pokemon soulsilver rom nds nintendo ds download


You can tải về the Pokemon Soul Silver ROM from the below link for the Nintendo DS emulator. SoulSilver ROM file is available to tải về for different regions. You can select according khổng lồ your region.

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Download Pokemon Soul Silver ROMPokemon Soul Silver EmulatorSetup & Installation GuidePokemon Soul Silver

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Download Pokemon Soul Silver ROM

File: Pokemon Soul Silver ROMConsole: NDSGenre: Role PlayingRegion: Europe, USAPlatforms: Android, Mac, iPhone, WindowsROMDownload
Pokemon Soul Silver Version ROMDownload
Pokemon Soul Silver ROM Download
Pocket quái dị Soul Silver ROM Download
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Pokemon Soul Silver Emulator

Pokemon Soul Silver Emulator for PCDownload
Pokemon Soul Silver Emulator for AndroidDownload
Pokemon Soul Silver Emulator for iPhoneDownload

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Setup & Installation GuideDownload the Pokemon Soul Silver ROM and Pokemon Soul Silver emulator from the above links. Install the emulator on your device.Open the ROM from your emulator.Now enjoy the SoulSilver Game.Gameplay Screenshots

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Pokemon Soul Silver

Pokemon Soul Silver is a remake of Pokemon Silver. This game was developed for the Nintendo DS gaming console. But now you can play SoulSilver on android, PC, and iPhone because the ROM file of this game is available. For this, you also need to lớn have an NDS Emulator to emulate the file. Pokemon SoulSilver is a fourth-generation đoạn clip game that was published in 2009.


The main story of the game starts with JohtoandKanto regions. The special character of the trò chơi is named Pokemon with special abilities. The main goal of the game is khổng lồ be the best Pokemon Trainer in the region by completing challenges và defeating gym leaders. More in the trò chơi the player fights with the members of Team Rocket. Team Rocket is one of the famous criminal organizations in the Kanto region.


Pokemon Soulsilver is a role-playing đoạn phim gamewithadventureelements. The trò chơi has a third-personoverhead perspective view. The player can control his Pokemon. He can capture more Pokemon with Poke Balls. The game has three screens. The battle of pokemon took place on the battle screen. While for the navigation & control of the game player there is another screen. The third screen is used for the trò chơi setting & menu.