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There’s no denying that the release of Street Fighter IV revitalized the fighting scene. While dedicated fighter fans were still playing their favorite (and mostly older) games, the fighting genre really wasn’t getting much attention from the overall gaming public. Since Street Fighter IV, there’s been a huge uptick in both the number of companies making fighting games, & the number of gamers interested in fighters.

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Now, just over a year after SFIV‘s initial console release, Capcom is bringing out Super Street Fighter IV. Is Super a too-early cash in on the success of the previous game, or a welcome upgrade khổng lồ the series? Hit the jump khổng lồ find out.


Super Street Fighter IV (PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 <reviewed>) Developer: Dimps/Capcom Publisher: Capcom Release Date: April 27, 2010 MSRP: $39.99

I’m going khổng lồ spare everyone the pain of reading some generic paragraphs about what Street Fighter is, because I assume by this point everyone who is even mildly interested in fighting games is familiar with the series. If, for some reason, you’ve never heard of Street Fighter, or if you missed the boat on the fourth installment of the game, head back và read Nick’s reviews of Street Fighter IV.

All caught up?

Super Street Fighter IV is basically everything you know from the original SFIV, but with a host of improvements, balance tweaks, and new characters. Let’s start with the new characters.


In all, there are ten new characters; eight should be familiar to lớn fans of the Street Fighter series. Dee Jay, Guy, Ibuki, Dudley, Makoto, Adon, Cody, và T. Hawk are all back in action, & they’re joined by two completely new fighters: Juri, a Tae Kwon bởi vì expert working for S.I.N., và Hakan, an oil wrestler with some of the most ridiculous-looking moves ever seen in a Street Fighter game. All ten characters, from my playtime with them, seem like they’ll be viable choices for combat, although some will definitely take more practice to master than others.

It’s difficult to lớn describe the play styles of the new characters — partially because you really need lớn get your hands on them khổng lồ fully understand the nuances, and partially because the game is so new that everyone is still discovering new strengths và weaknesses. All of the returning characters play reasonably similarly khổng lồ their previous incarnations. They’ve all been carefully tweaked and balanced to lớn fit into Street Fighter IV‘s fighting system, but for the most part, they look và feel really similar to the ways they’ve always played. If you played these characters in previous games, it probably won’t take you very long lớn get used to the way they play in Super.

In regards khổng lồ the two new characters, Juri appears khổng lồ be a character that leans fairly heavily towards offense — most people online have been playing her rather aggressively, because she seems to lack a mix of diverse defensive options. Hakan is a grappler, but the oil mechanic adds an interesting twist. He has to constantly be pouring oil over himself, which briefly leaves him vulnerable; however, being oiled greatly increases his speed and range. His slide move lets him both dodge fireballs & cover distance quickly, allowing him lớn get in close in a relatively short period of time. Juri và Hakan bring quality fighting styles to lớn the Street Fighter world, and I expect both khổng lồ be relatively popular characters once the game is officially released.


Capcom was clearly listening lớn the community while developing Super, because some of my biggest complaints from the original game have been addressed. Right off the bat every character is unlocked, so you don’t have lớn worry about grinding your way through the game. Most colors, taunts, titles, và icons can simply be unlocked by using characters in Arcade mode or Versus battles, although a few can’t be attained without completing each character’s Trial mode.

The biggest improvements that will be most immediately noticeable are in the online multiplayer modes. Rather than just having Ranked và Player matches, you now have the option of playing a ranked match, endless battle mode, or team battle. Ranked matches still function the same as they did before, although the point system has changed a bit. Player Points and Battle Points still exist, but where Player Points measure your overall skill as a player, Battle Points are character specific. Both values change any time you win or đại bại a match, but they can be helpful in showing you just how good someone is with the character they’re playing. If you go up against a Fei Long with 1000 PP & 0 BP, it either means they’ve never played Fei Long before, or they’re really bad with him. As your battle points with a character change, your battle class (a letter grade you’re assigned khổng lồ show your skill) increases or decreases, giving you another visual measure of a player’s skill with specific characters.

Endless battle is the new “player match” of Super, but this time around it’s a much more social experience. Endless battle lobbies hold up khổng lồ eight players, so you or your friends can jump in và take turns kicking each other’s asses. Only two fighters can play at once, but everyone else in the lobby is able to lớn spectate the match. The winner stays, the loser gets bumped to the bottom of the lobby, & the next person in line goes on to challenge the previous winner. With a full lobby of eight people, expect to lớn be doing a lot of waiting around while you watch matches. With four lớn six people, though, the wait time doesn’t feel that long, and it’s nice khổng lồ be able to lớn play with a full group of your friends.

Team battle is exactly what it sounds like. You can play 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4, and you simply set up your order và fight. If a player is knocked out, the next person in the battle order goes to lớn fight, và the first team lớn have all their members defeated loses.

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All online battle modes now feature hidden character selection, & this is one of my favorite changes that they’ve made. No more playing opponents who sit there & refuse khổng lồ pick a fighter until after you’ve made their selection so they can pick their “counter” — you have to pick both your character & their ultra before seeing your opponent’s choices.


Challenge mode has also seen an overhaul. Time Attack và Survival are gone, and have been replaced with the ability khổng lồ play the barrel & car bonuses stages whenever you want. The trial mode itself seems slightly more robust than it was previously– there are 24 individual challenges for each character. While they start out very basic, having you simply bởi special moves & ultras, they move quickly into target combos, links, và ways to full bộ your supers and ultras together. It’s helpful, but it would be nice if there was more guidance on timing your link and cross-ups. If you’re learning a new character, the Trial mode will definitely be helpful, but you’ll probably need lớn turn to the internet to read FAQs & discussions if you really want khổng lồ get competitive.

Videos are also a great way to lớn pick up tips and strategies for your character of choice, & Super Street Fighter IV is making them much easier to find with the addition of a trả lời channel. By winning two fights in a row against people of your battle class or higher, you activate trả lời upload mode. When this mode is active, you have the chance lớn have your match saved as a replay, if you fight someone who also has replay upload active. Assuming you get two people with replay upload against each other, the winner of the fight has the ability to upload the battle khổng lồ the trả lời channel.

The one major thing missing at this point is Tournament Mode, which will not be available out of the box. The Tournament mode is getting a major upgrade, and will feature an actual bracket system for four to lớn eight players, with the ability for everyone lớn spectate matches and bình luận on them through voice chat so that all players can hear. Lượt thích Championship mode for Street Fighter IV, Tournament mode will be không tính tiền DLC, và is expected khổng lồ be released on June 15th. It’s nice that it will be không lấy phí again, and I understand that the delay is due to the new features & functionality, but it still would have been nice to have on day one.


In the trả lời channel, you can watch all videos you’ve saved yourself, as well as videos other people have uploaded. Characters are grouped into sub-channels — Alpha characters, Original Characters, Turbo & SFIII characters, the new characters, & bosses. Unfortunately, you can’t choose lớn watch matches involving specific characters, you have lớn select from the sub-channels mentioned above. Replays are playing constantly, with about 10 seconds in between each computer-selected trả lời video, so you won’t have lớn wait very long. As a tool khổng lồ help you learn your favorite character, though, it would really benefit from a character-specific select option.

The last major thing khổng lồ talk about is the balance and game play changes. There’s virtually no way to lớn discuss all the ways they’ve tweaked each individual character, but on the whole all of the changes appear to lớn have been made lớn make characters more competitive and fights closer. Dan still isn’t going to lớn be a top-tier character, but I’m willing khổng lồ guess that with both the new characters và these tweaks, you’ll be coming up against a more diverse selection of characters in online matches instead of playing against the same Sagat/Balrog/Ryu players over and over.

All characters now have two Ultras, both of which are very different from each other, giving you more options in how you play your character. While I suspect that some characters will have an Ultra that’s almost always chosen over another, for the most part they địa chỉ cửa hàng nice variety, particularly for characters from the previous game who had Ultras that were virtually worthless.

The other major change that’s occurred is that, with the exception of Dhalsim, damage has been reduced across the board for all other characters. When this was announced on the Capcom Unity blog I was pretty skeptical, but seeing it in practice has changed my mind. Matches now last longer, as making one mistake doesn’t mean losing half your life bar (unless you get hit with an Ultra). This gives you an opportunity lớn learn from your mistakes, make some awesome comebacks, & overall the change surprisingly makes the fights feel much more intense. A decent portion of my matches have ended with both myself và my opponent down to our last 10 or 15 percent of life, something I feel happened relatively rarely in the original.


Granted, I’m not a tournament player, but in my view virtually every change that’s been made improves the game. The new characters are great, especially just as people were starting to lớn get bored with the existing characters. The existing characters have been tweaked và balanced, meaning that characters you previously never wanted to lớn play may be viable choices now. All of the multiplayer changes have streamlined the experience, making it easier lớn play with your friends & giving you more option for battling. The gameplay changes make for closer and more exciting battles. The only thing truly missing at this point is the tournament mode, which we know will be coming soon.

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Capcom could easily have charged $59.99 for this, & I would have bought it in a second. At $39.99, it’s a crazy deal. Any Street Fighter fans, even those who quit playing the original & moved on, should be picking up Super. If you missed out on Street Fighter IV but are interested in fighting games, Super is an excellent purchase for you as well. Personally, I consider Street Fighter IV lớn be one of the best fighting games we’ve seen in a long time, and Super Street Fighter IV does nothing but improve on it. Buy this game.

Score: 9.5 — Superb (9s are a hallmark of excellence. There may be flaws, but they are negligible & won’t cause massive damage to what is a supreme title.)