Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2


It’s a sad truth of the gaming world, & many players have accepted this as a foregone conclusion. Licensed games are bad until proven good. Merely tolerable licensed games are the exception rather than the rule, and truly good ones are a rare find.

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That in mind, this particular licensed game, naruto Shippuden: Ultimate ninja Storm 2, is actually pretty great.


Players of the original Ultimate nin-ja Storm game will find the system identical lớn the first, except with two major additions.

First is the “Team Gauge”, which fills up as support attacks are summoned during the match. With a full Team Gauge, tư vấn characters start khổng lồ jump in automatically, shielding players while they charge, interrupting opponents’ full bộ strings, or even throwing in sucker punches lớn set up a juggle. At its highest level, cooperative “Team Ultimate” jutsu can be triggered to lớn up the damage output đầu ra considerably.

Besides the Team Gauge is the “Awakening”, a temporary power-up mode that becomes available as players suffer major damage. Awakened characters move faster, hit harder, are immune lớn Ultimate Jutsu. In some cases, Awakening can change a character’s appearance and move mix entirely, such as naruto turning into his Four-Tailed Fox form.

The result is an accessible freewheeling, fighter that moves at a furious, hyperactive pace. The world is shaken & the skies rent with every jutsu spammed. Chaos is at any player’s fingertips, & one need not master the quarter-circle khổng lồ let it loose.

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With forty-four characters drawn from Naruto‘s myriad cast (plus a guest star from Tekken), all with their own jutsus, alternate costumes, và multiple variations of tư vấn attack (offensive, defensive, and balanced), it would be more than enough to lớn make for a full dose of fan-service fun.


With all of this narrative-driven content, Ultimate Adventure mode is essentially a light JRPG that uses a fighting trò chơi as its battle system. Players can grind “Storm Points” to unlock new characters, collect materials to craft new ninja tools, và save up cash to lớn buy cutscenes, music, và pictures to ogle at any time. They can even give presents lớn other cast members in a rudimentary, Persona-esque “Friendship” system to lớn view special events & quest lines.

Backing all that craziness up are some of the most spectacular visuals available on current-generation platforms. Perfectly implemented cell-shading, fluid animation và flashy special effects make it feel lượt thích one is actually playing the show. The splendor only fades during the more static cutscenes, wherein the lower-detail 3 chiều models reveal some unfortunately jagged edges.


All things considered, naruto Shippuden: Ultimate nin-ja Storm 2 remains a rock-solid, highly accessible game that’s as much fun to watch as to lớn play. Though held back by some ill-conceived kiến thiết gaffes, it’s still chock-full of meaningful nội dung sure lớn delight any tín đồ of naruto or anime games in general.

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True fans should rejoice at being able lớn actually play their beloved show, prospective fans can consider this an effective primer for the series at length, và non-fans should at least try it, especially if they can pair off with a player willing to vày the grinding for them.