Everyone We Know Is In The Insane Cast Of Spider


As we inch closer to Spider-Man: No Way Home"s December release date, fans are growing impatient for a trailer. Unfortunately, we"ve had no footage from the movie yet but it"s likely to be arriving any day now.

The third solo outing for Tom Hollvà as Peter Parker is likely to lớn be one of the biggest movies of Marvel"s Phase 4. With Blaông xã Widow being well received, but still phối in the past, Spider-Man: No Way Home will be our first look inlớn the future of the MCU.

There"s plenty to get excited about for Spider-Man 3, which Hollvà has called the "most ambitious standalone supernhân vật movie ever made". A bold shout perhaps, yet also one that it could well live sầu up to lớn.

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We already know it"s going khổng lồ bring baông xã some characters from Spider-Man movies before the MCU crossover, & there"s plenty of rumours about who else just might be swinging into action again.


Marvel Studios
Nothing has been officially confirmed yet but hopefully, we"ll find out for sure in December which rumours were true. The film seems set on its winter release, but never say never when it comes to lớn unexpected delays.

Let"s hope that doesn"t happen with Spider-Man: No Way Home though, which has again been co-produced by Marvel Studquả táo và Sony, with Jon Watts back as the director along with Far From Home writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers.

So while we wait for the first trailer, here"s everything you need to lớn know about the return of everyone"s favourite web-slinger.

Spider-Man No Way Home release date: When is Spider-Man 3 out?

Long story short, the Far From trang chủ sequel will be released in UK và US cinemas on December 17, 2021.

We"ve sầu got a lot of hope that the December release date will stiông xã, despite previous delays for the movie. However, as we"ve sầu seen, no upcoming release date is set in stone, so there"s always the potential for it khổng lồ be moved.


Columbia Pictures
Filming eventually got underway with Hollvà joining the mix in Atlanta in late October 20đôi mươi after wrapping filming on the Uncharted đoạn phim game movie. Production wrapped in late March 2021, barring any reshoots.

The confirmation came from second unit director George Cottle who shared an image of the kém chất lượng titles board from the official announcement.

Eagle-eyed fans also spotted Cottle hashtagging the name of Chris Daniels, who was Tobey Maguire"s stunt double in the original Spider-Man trilogy, with some fans taking this as confirmation of the exciting returns.

However, Daniels also worked on the previous Spider-Man MCU movies, as well as the likes of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, so you can"t read too much inlớn it.

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Spider-Man No Way trang chủ cast: Who"s coming baông xã for Spider-Man 3?

Well, Tom Holl& will, of course, be baông xã as Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, but he might actually look slightly different in the third movie – and we"re not just talking about his toàn thân transformation.

He pretty much went straight from filming on Uncharted to the third Spidey movie & given that his Uncharted hair was "much cooler", Holl& admitted that he refused to wear a wig to lớn make his hair look more lượt thích Peter Parker"s usually is.

Different hair or not, Holl& will also be joined by Zendaya as MJ & Jacob Batalon is also bachồng as Peter"s BFF Ned.


Marvel Studios
Tony Revolori will also return as Flash Thompson, who is obsessed with Spider-Man, but constantly belittles Peter Parker (awkward). Hannibal Buress also looks mix lớn come back as Coach Wilson after sharing some on-set videos.

Another star who"s confirmed their return is JB Smoove sầu as Peter"s teacher Julius Dell. Benedict Cumberbatch will appear as Doctor Strange, taking on the mentor role filled by Tony Stark & Niông xã Fury in the previous movies, although it"s not clear how big a role he"ll play.

In the comics, Doctor Strange was one of the superheroes who Peter Parker turned khổng lồ when his identity was revealed khổng lồ the world. Since that happened in Far From Home, it could be that he needs Doctor Strange"s help khổng lồ make the world forget.

That"s enough about the MCU characters though, as the big news for the third movie is that Jamie Foxx is reprising his role as Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 và Alfred Molimãng cầu is baông chồng as Doc Oông chồng from Spider-Man 2.

Neither of those films are MCU movies, and from what Molina has said about his comebachồng, it seems they"ll be coming bachồng as we last saw them.

"In this universe, no one really dies," he teased, adding that he"s been digitally de-aged for his return and the story will piông chồng up from "that moment" at the end of Spider-Man 2. You know, when Doc Ochồng sacrificed himself lớn save the day.

It"s also been reported that Tobey Maguire và Andrew Garfield will be bachồng as their respective sầu takes on Peter Parker, và they"ll be joined by Kirsten Dunst"s Mary Jane Watson và Emma Stone"s Gwen Stacy.


Columbia Pictures/Getty Images/Sony Pictures/Illustration by Shyvonne Thomas
As of July 20, the reported returns of the previous Spider-Man stars hasn"t been officially confirmed by either Marvel or Sony, and some of the stars have gone on record to say they"re definitely not in it.

"I wish I could just be able to lớn speak to everyone & say, like, "I recommend that you chill." I can"t speak for anything else apart from myself, they might be doing something. But I ain"t got a Điện thoại tư vấn," Garfield said in May 2021.

"I would have gotten a hotline by now, that"s all I"m saying. I don"t want lớn rule anything out. Maybe they want khổng lồ điện thoại tư vấn me và say lượt thích, "Hey, people want this." Maybe they"re doing a market research thing!"

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Andrew Garfield is ready to talk about those rumors about his return as Spider-Man. You might be surprised lớn see what he has to say. Watch the full interview on the br& new #happysadconfused patreon! https://t.co/e84Wokl1SQ pic.twitter.com/Civpe3Am5p

— Josh Horowitz (
joshuahorowitz) May 4, 2021

Garfield"s Amazing Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone has also denied the reports that she"ll be seen in No Way Home.

"I have heard those rumours," she admitted in May 2021. "I don"t know if I"m supposed khổng lồ say anything but I"m not ... I don"t know how you"re supposed to respond as an alumnus."

WandaVision looked lượt thích it had brought the multiverse inkhổng lồ the MCU with the arrival of Quicksilver from the X-Men movies. However, it turned out that Evan Peters was just playing some random guy called Ralph Bohner, so no MCU multiverse yet.

Does that rule out the returns of previous Spider-Man actors? Holland has been insisting that he doesn"t know if Garfield và Maguire are in the third movie, và then he went one step further and insisted that they definitely aren"t in it.

"Unless has hidden the most massive piece of information from me, which I think is too big of a secret for them khổng lồ keep from me," he said.

Equally though, Hollvà has been talking about feeling as though Marvel is "tricking" hyên about the movie, và how no matter what answer he gives, it"s impossible lớn give sầu the right one. So who knows at this point.

When asked about the multiverse rumours by ComicBook.com, Marvel Studios trùm Kevin Feige said: "The biggest clue is the title of the second Doctor Strange movie. That"s the biggest clue of where the Multiverse of Madness is taking us và how we"re exploring that."

That doesn"t really explain anything in terms of Spider-Man: No Way Home, to lớn be honest.

Sony previously responded to lớn similar rumours by saying "those rumoured castings are not confirmed", which isn"t exactly a no. Zendaya & Jamie Foxx have sầu also been equally coy when asked about the castings.

Away from the multiverse shenanigans, we can assume some other returns too with these ones coming from the previous MCU movies. Marisa Tomei will surely be bachồng as Aunt May, & she"s had some thoughts on what she wants May to do next.

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" Jon Watts and I always talked about her being a community organiser, and hopefully that track will expvà and be part of this one, as well," she explained, which makes sense as we saw her help out at a charity fundraiser in Far From Home.

Although who knows if her blossoming romance with Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) will continue.

Could Jake Gyllenhaal reprise his role as Mysterio? He appeared lớn be fatally wounded at the end of Far From Home, but given his trickster ways, we can"t guarantee that he actually is dead.

JK Simmons will hopefully return as J Jonah Jameson after that brilliant mid-credits scene in Far From Home. He"s confirmed that he signed a contract khổng lồ vì two sequels.

"That"s always a one-sided, well not always but in my case, a one-sided contract where you"re committed to vị it, but they"re not necessarily committed to lớn use your character in the ensuing movies," he noted.

There were rumours that Daredevil could make an appearance in the third movie, but if the character is involved, then Charlie Cox has ruled out reprising his role from the Netflix series.

Just because Cox isn"t in it though, could we be seeing a different actor take on the Daredevil role? It certainly seems as though Matt Murdock is involved somewhere as there was a casting hotline for courtroom extras.

The news that the MCU & Sony"s Spider-Man universes are potentially combining in the third movie points towards the potential for Tom Hardy"s Venom appearing in the third movie.

It"s hard to lớn imagine Hardy"s take on Venom fitting in with the tone of the MCU, but if the Sinister Six are going lớn make their bow, Venom could well be a part of the bvà of villains causing trouble for Spidey.

Sony trùm Sanford Panitch said in May 2021 that there "is a plan" for a crossover of the Spider-Man và Venom worlds, teasing that "even more will be revealed" when No Way Home comes out.

Talking of villains, Michael Mando has teased a potential return as Scorpion saying there"s "always a chance".

Dane DeHaan, who played Harry Osborn, has categorically denied any involvement in the threequel, but Felicia Hardy (aka Blaông xã Cat) actress Felicity Jones would love sầu to return (even though she"s not been rumoured khổng lồ, yet).

One person who won"t be making a comeback for the multiverse shenanigans is Joe Manganiello, who played Flash Thompson in the original Spider-Man trilogy và has ruled out a cameo appearance:

"I grew up on Marvel comics, so if I was going khổng lồ join the universe, I really want it khổng lồ be the right role & I think sometimes you have sầu khổng lồ hold out for that right one. So, a little cameo as Flash Thompson? I don"t know, I"d rather vị something more substantive sầu."

Spider-Man No Way Home trailer: Any Spider-Man 3 footage yet?

In May 2021, Spider-Man fans got a bit annoyed when Marvel released a sizzle reel of their upcoming movies, but it didn"t contain any footage from No Way Home.

And their mood hasn"t improved since as the studio has been busy trolling the fans not once but twice about the lachồng of a first trailer. Could the wait be cchiến bại lớn an kết thúc though for those long-suffering fans?

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— Spider-Man: No Way Home (
SpiderManMovie) May 19, 2021

We officially got the first trailer for Far From Home in January 2019, six months ahead of its release, after it was debuted at CCXP in December. A similar timeline would mean the first No Way Home trailer releasing any time now.

Nothing has been officially confirmed though, so just watch this space.

Spider-Man 3 title: What does No Way Home mean?

After fans had their fun guessing the title as things lượt thích trang chủ RunWork From Home, the cast also got in on the action.

When Hollvà, Zendaya and Batalon each released a new image from the movie on February 23, 2021, they each "revealed" the title for the movie: Spider-Man: Phone Home, Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker and Spider-Man: Home Slice.

But it only took another day for Sony và Marvel to officially confirm the title for the third movie as Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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#SpiderManNoWayHome only in cinemas this Christmas. pic.twitter.com/VxYGQIETvo

— Sony Pictures UK 🎬 (
SonyPicturesUK) February 24, 2021

As with Homecoming & Far From Home, there"s no immediate connection to the comic books, but it does fit with the cliffhanger at the kết thúc of the second movie that saw Peter Parker"s identity revealed to the world.

Unsurprisingly, this news has had a big impact on Peter"s life and until it gets sorted out, he probably can"t return trang chính safely, so it will feel as though there is "no way home" for hyên right now.

Could "no way home" actually be a dark hint at the future of Holland"s web-slinger in the MCU though?

Spider-Man No Way trang chủ plot: What will Spider-Man 3 be about?

There"s not anything official that has been revealed about the movie"s plot yet, other than Holl& promising that it"s "absolutely insane" & based on the casting so far, that seems pretty accurate.

How all the (potential) returning Spider-Men & various villains will fit in remains khổng lồ be seen right now as it could range from little more than a cameo to a fully-fledged main role, or anything in between.

Hollvà received the final script shortly after he arrived on mix và shared his excitement with fans, although he did promise not to lớn spoil anything: "I"m not going khổng lồ tell you anything about it because I"ve sầu learned my lesson."

He added in February 2021 that they"re "figuring it out as we go on this one" which isn"t unusual for a blockbuster, but could also point lớn them waiting for various cameos lớn be confirmed.

"It"s incredibly exciting, it"s funny, it"s emotional, it"s everything that you"d want in a superanh hùng film," Hollvà teased. "I"m loving it. I mean I"ve loved all of them, but I"ve sầu never had as much fun as I have on this one.

Far From Home left Peter in a very interesting place as, thanks khổng lồ Mysterio và J Jonah Jameson, the world knows who he is. Well, that"s if they believe "controversial news website" TheDailyBugle.net.

Related: How Spider-Man: Far From Home sets up Spider-Man 3

And what"s more, Spidey is being blamed for Mysterio"s destruction, so he is in a bit of a sticky situation.

The situation is potentially phối for the third movie khổng lồ adapt the controversial comics storyline One More Day, which saw Peter sacrifice his marriage to Mary Jane in order to save sầu the life of Aunt May.

While the MCU couldn"t directly adapt it, this could feature elements lượt thích Peter seeking Doctor Strange"s help khổng lồ make the world forget that he"s Spider-Man. Other elements might prove a bit too dark for the MCU though.

Another comics storyline that they could draw from is Happy Birthday which saw Spider-Man team up with Spider-Men from various dimensions to lớn take on a major villain. Again, it won"t be a straight adaptation, but it could explain those other Spidey returns.

Even though Peter might find himself on the run, we bởi vì know that the third movie will be returning to Midtown High School. MJ và Ned will still have to turn up to their studies, we imagine.

If Mysterio is still alive, it does phối up the intriguing possibility of the Sinister Six being involved in the threequel, a rumour that"s gaining even more traction with the casting of Electro & Doc Oông chồng.

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Talking of villains, could we see a dark turn from Ned? A bạn theory suggests he"ll start khổng lồ emang đến his comics counterpart in being brainwashed into lớn acting like the criminal known as Hobgoblin.

Spider-Man: No Way trang chủ marks the kết thúc of Tom Holland"s Marvel contract and while he"s spoken about wanting to "take a break", there"s no need khổng lồ start worrying that we"ll never see him as Spider-Man again.

"I"ve sầu always said to lớn them if they want me bachồng, I"ll be there in a heartbeat," he admitted in February 2021. "I"ve loved every minute of being a part of this amazing world. It"s changed my life for the better, I"m so lucky lớn be here."