The House Of Da Vinci 2 By Blue Brain Games €“ New 3D Puzzle Game


Become an apprentice of the famous Leonarvì chưng da Vinci. Solve sầu handcrafted mechanical 3 chiều puzzles & discover hidden secrets. Navigate through mesmerizing environments of the Italian Renaissance. Travel through time to influence your surroundings.

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ORIGINAL MECHANICAL PUZZLESGet your hands on hundreds of new objects, 3D puzzles and mechanical brain-twisters waiting to be unraveled.

TIME TRAVELGo baông chồng in time not only khổng lồ reveal past mysteries and hidden objects – use chất lượng Oculus Perpetua to lớn shape the present in a significant way.

NEW TOUCH CONTROLSNavigate through mesmerizing locations even more intuitively. All game controls have been redesigned và optimized to feel as intuitive sầu as it gets.

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VOICE NARRATED STORYA pleasure for all senses: the whole story is now fully narrated. The goose bumps are inevitable.

MYSTERIOUS CUT SCENESIncluding the one showing Leonarbởi vì da Vinci"s creation of the famous The Last Supper.

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We recommkết thúc checking out one of the walkthrough videos. If you believe sầu there might be a technical issue, we suggest restarting the current chapter or reinstalling the game.

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In general, tải về issues may be related khổng lồ the lack of không tính tiền space on your device or your mạng internet speed và stability. The game needs considerable amount of data lớn be downloaded. If the issue persists, we advise you to lớn get in touch with the store tư vấn directly, as we’re not really responsible for the download & payment process.

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We believe sầu this story isn"t finished yet. Please follow our social truyền thông channels for the most recent information about upcoming releases.

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