The King Of Fighters Allstar


Six years have passed since KOF XIV hit the scene & finally, its sequel is here. We poured our all into making King of Fighters XV the absolute best in the series, & we hope that it has a healthy and robust launch. KOF XV will feature 39 fighters at launch, comprised of previous heroes of other KOFs, resurrected characters, and fresh faces new khổng lồ the tournament. For fans of the series, KOF XV will be the stuff dreams are made of!

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Of course, KOF XV also features rollback netcode for smooth online play. There are many different kinds of online modes so be sure to lớn tinker around when the trò chơi comes out!

After launch, we have plans for DLC characters & other updates, so look forward lớn what’s in store for KOF XV!


12 DLC characters coming in 2022 bringing the roster khổng lồ a massive 51 playable fighters!

A total of 12 DLC characters are planned lớn release this year after KOF XV launches February 17, 2022. The first wave of fighters is Team 1 (Team Garou) which will release in March, with the second wave Team 2 (Team South Town) releasing in May. Team 3 releases sometime during summer with Team 4 releasing in autumn.

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Each team is comprised of 3 fighters, so the total number added onto the current roster of 39 means players can expect lớn fight with 51 star-studded characters in KOF XV.


The culmination of the series’ battle system!

KOF XV features its iconic 3 on 3 team battle system. New to lớn the series is Shatter Strike, a mechanic that enables players to lớn counter enemy attacks. Players can also experience an improved Max Mode, as well as Max Mode (Quick). The Rush function allows for combos to lớn be carried out all by rapidly pressing attack buttons. All these features, including revamped & vibrant special moves, will ensure fights in this trò chơi feel more explosive than ever. Strap in, because KOF XV features a battle system bursting with speed and excitement unlike any other.


KOF is fully packed with nội dung to enjoy

The gallery features character voices & KOF XV in-game cinematics. Additionally, the new DJ Station boasts over 300 popular songs from the KOF series & more. Players can even customize their fights to have their favorite tracks play in the background!