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Rise of the Kings is a Mobile base-building war game that plays it safe. Although a few minor features are different compared khổng lồ the typical formula, this release by ONEMT doesn’t make any outrageous or even significant changes.

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Those of you who love the mobile base-building genre will feel right at home, but those who are new to lớn it should read on to find out how to manage their new kingdom. Although the tutorial for Rise of the Kings won’t tell you this, as soon as your Castle hits level 5 – which, by all means, should happen within the first 2-3 hours – you become fair game for all other players on the server. You’d better watch your back!

1 – Join an Alliance Quickly

One way to lớn increase the speed of construction in your base & ensure that you don’t get picked on very early in the game is to lớn join an alliance right away. The Embassy, which is the building that lets you find an alliance & communicate with other players, becomes available at Castle cấp độ 5.


The triông chồng is lớn find an alliance with active members that is willing lớn accept new players. This shouldn’t be too difficult khổng lồ bởi vì if you show a real interest in the game while sending out a few messages on the global chat. Otherwise, if you use the “quiông chồng join” option from the Alliance menu, you might kết thúc up in a dead-beat group of mostly offline players. Teammates can’t help you if they’re never online!

2 – Push Castle Level 15

Generally speaking, there are two approaches to lớn mobile base-building games: taking it slow, on the one hvà, & rushing khổng lồ achieve sầu a high Castle màn chơi, on the other. We see the benefits in both approaches, but we still recommend you push your Castle to cấp độ 15 as soon as possible.


Once you hit this màn chơi, you will have sầu unlocked all available buildings, including the Iron Mine và the Silver Mine, which you can then use to stack up on resources. You’ll need a ton of materials khổng lồ keep developing your base, so the sooner you start gathering, the better.

3 – Complete Storyline Quests

Many thiết bị di động games in the same genre as Rise of the Kings propose a series of main quests that you, as a player, are forced lớn ignore if you want what is best for your base. This is not the case with RotK, however.


The quests only ask you lớn build & nâng cấp constructions that are necessary for you khổng lồ achieve sầu the next Castle level và maintain a decent army in the process. Plus, the rewards are worthwhile too.

4 – Clayên Free Resources and Boosts

Rise of the Kings gives a clear edge to lớn people who are willing khổng lồ invest real currency inlớn the game, but that doesn’t mean that F2Phường players can’t have fun too. In fact, unlượt thích most other games in this genre, RotK doesn’t require you to lớn generate và store outrageous amounts of resources per Castle tăng cấp, which means that you don’t have sầu khổng lồ pay to lớn keep developing your base… at least until you hit a much higher level.

Play Rise of the Kings on PC


What’s more, visiting the port regularly và simply being online for up khổng lồ đôi mươi minutes per day will grant resources, gems, anh hùng fragments, and tốc độ boosts for construction & research.

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5 – Keep Your Trainers Busy

While building dozens of Field Hospitals can help you reduce troop losses during battles, some deaths are inevitable in war. As an active player who participates in rallies when given the chance, you will have khổng lồ keep training troops at all times in order khổng lồ keep up with the losses.


There are four main troop training buildings in Rise of the Kings và you should keep all of them busy whenever this is possible. In addition, you shouldn’t forget about the Workcửa hàng if your kingdom was recently attacked & you need khổng lồ replenish your traps.

6 – Use Your Heroes

The tutorial skips over heroes at lightning speed, so you might not know that you can use these characters to lớn improve sầu pretty much every aspect of your game. You can assign heroes to lớn your recruitment buildings for faster troop training, have sầu them assist with research, send them out in battles, or man the Wall in case of an attaông xã.


You can also improve heroes using potions và additional specific fragments. Of course, getting new characters is based on a purely Gaphụ vương system, which might make it difficult lớn collect the best of them, but once you bởi get your hands on a great anh hùng, you know that they will make a difference.

7 – Plan Out Your Base

When you start out, you might be tempted to lớn place new buildings whenever they become available or new plots are unlocked. This is fine within the confinements of the Wall, where buildings are chất lượng và vị not compete for the same spots, but outside of the wall, you have sầu to decide which constructions to lớn focus on based on the ultimate goal of your account.


To gain a better grasp of the different buildings in Rise of the Kings và how you should prioritize them, feel không lấy phí to check out this guide (links lớn “Rise of the Kings: The Complete Guide to lớn Your Base”).

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8 – Play on Your PC

Last, but definitely not least, it makes much more sense to play Rise of the Kings on your PC using Sure enough, it can’t hurt to have sầu the game on your điện thoại thông minh for those times when you can’t access your desktop. When you vì chưng have access khổng lồ a PC, though, this should be your preferred platsize.

As you’ll soon realize once you hit Castle cấp độ 5, Rise of the Kings is as ruthless as any other điện thoại war game out there. Other players will crave sầu your resources và will attempt lớn attaông chồng you whenever you are offline. Having the game open in the background lets you easily check whether your kingdom is threatened at any time. Plus, it’s be much easier lớn contact your alliance & to organize an effective response when you can use a mouse & keyboard to vày so. There are no two ways about it!

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