One Punch Man S2: Thánh Phồng Tôm Phần 2


Saitama, alongside his cyborg disciple Genos, is ready khổng lồ begin his official duties as a professional hero. But when a new friendship và interest in martial arts prove distracting, the nhân vật Association is left to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with a sinister new wave of quái vật attacks on their own. To lớn make matters worse, their heroes are being hunted! Is Earth doomed, or will Saitama save the day with one punch?


Saitama, alongside his cyborg disciple Genos, is ready khổng lồ begin his official duties as a professional hero. But when a new friendship và interest in martial arts prove distracting, the anh hùng Association is left to giảm giá with a sinister new wave of boss attacks on their own. To lớn make matters worse, their heroes are being hunted! Is Earth doomed, or will Saitama save the day with one punch?

Return of the anh hùng

Season 2, Episode 1 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Saitama is out shopping with Genos in tow when the pair come across G4, a demonic robot dispatched by “The Organization” on a mission khổng lồ eliminate King. They decide to watch King battle the mighty robot in order to lớn observe his abilities firsthand. Elsewhere, Sitch, now head of the anh hùng Association Earthdoom Prophecy Emergency Response Team, attempts khổng lồ recruit the strength of the various cutthroats, villains và assassins of the underworld.

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The Human boss

Season 2, Episode 2 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

With the annihilation of three Class A heroes and countless criminals with bounties on their heads, Garou issues a declaration of war on the nhân vật Association và leaves Sitch quaking in fear of his ruthless fighting prowess. Meanwhile Saitama, newly promoted khổng lồ Class B, rank 7, is approached by Hellish Blizzard (Class B, rank 1) about becoming one of her subordinates, but he declines Blizzard unleashes her psychokinetic abilities. Genos, in a snap decision, determines he will eliminate his master’s stalker, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, leading to an epic clash between the cyborg’s relentless Machine Gun Blows and Sonic’s secret ninja techniques.

The Hunt Begins

Season 2, Episode 3 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Garou continues his hero hunting & becomes the target of a manhunt himself for his ruthless behavior. The Class S, rank 3 hero Silverfang, who once expelled Garou from his “Fist of Flowing Water Crushing Rock” dojo, begins searching for his former pupil with his brother Bomb. Meanwhile, Garou begins a battle with the S Class nhân vật Tank-top Master & his disciples. The tank-top brothers are trembling at the sight of so much unleashed power nguồn when who should appear but Charanko, newly exiled from Silverfang’s dojo.

The Metal Bat

Season 2, Episode 4 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

An executive at the nhân vật Association called Zeimeet has been attacked by Garou. After issuing a cautionary memo, the Association sends the Class S hero Metal Bat khổng lồ bodyguard for a Director named Narinki and his son Waganma. When the VIP’s are suddenly attacked by Centikohai và Venus Peopletrap, Metal Bat quickly dispatches both monsters. However, the gigantic boss Centichoro, with a threat level of Dragon, then appears followed by Garou, who alters the course of the battle even further. Meanwhile, Saitama has put on a wig lớn disguise himself as Charanko in order khổng lồ enter the “Super Fight” martial arts tournament…

The Martial Arts Tournament

Season 2, Episode 5 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Cruel monsters of Threat cấp độ Tiger & above have begun a simultaneous attack on every human city. While the heroes are busy holding off the attackers, other members of the quái dị Association attempt khổng lồ kidnap anh hùng Association VIP’s. Later, Phoenix Man approaches Garou with an invitation khổng lồ join the quái nhân Association after watching the “human monster” battle Metal Bat. Meanwhile, the “Super Fight” tournament, which Saitama is competing in, kicks off. Amongst the ranks of stalwart competitors is the four-time champion và master of the “Dark Corporeal Fist,” Suiryu.

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The quái vật Uprising

Season 2, Episode 6 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

The Super Fight tournament kicks off with Class A anh hùng Lightning Max being defeated by Suiryu via a single kick in the opening match. Genos is in the crowd to observe Saitama fight, but he rushes out to take on multiple monsters who have appeared in city C, while elsewhere countless monsters are wreaking havoc in multiple areas. Though the heroes are trying khổng lồ hold them off, the nhân vật Association is being overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Even Waganma, son of nhân vật Association Director Narinki, could not be protected and is spirited away lớn the quái thú Association.

The Class S Heroes

Season 2, Episode 7 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

The Super Fight tournament is headed for its grand finale with both Saitama & Suiryu gaining one of the final four spots. Terrible Tornado, Child Emperor, Drive Knight and other Class S heroes, called to kích hoạt by the rising tide of monsters, begin engaging the enemy in various locales. However, at the quái nhân Association’s HQ an unconcerned Gyoro-Gyoro, who has been planning the battle, và the quái vật King Orochi look on the heroes’ actions with amusement. Meanwhile, Atomic Samurai has gathered a group of powerful swordsmen from the Holy Order of the Sword to lớn help him hunt for Garou.

The Resistance of the Strong

Season 2, Episode 8 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

After Saitama is exposed & disqualified for impersonating, Suiryu wins the Super Fight tournament by default. As he’s about to lớn be feted, though, the now monsterfied champion of the first Super Fight, Goketsu, appears with the aim of forcing the tournament competitors khổng lồ all become monsters. As they begin to vày so, Suiryu takes them all on alone. Elsewhere, the heroes fight gamely against the hordes of monsters but are unable khổng lồ stop the damage from spreading, even as the designs of the boss Association become clear.

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The Troubles of the Strongest

Season 2, Episode 9 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Goketsu, one of the strongest creatures in the quái dị Association, và the monsterfied Bakuzan toy with Suiryu. Realizing that no one is coming to save him, Suiryu finds himself in the depths of despair when Saitama suddenly appears. Before long, the attack by the boss khủng Association quietly ends, just as Gyoro-Gyoro had planned it. Saitama, having felt he gained nothing from participating in the Super Fight tournament, confides in King his feeling that he’s become too strong. King, from his standpoint as a hero, gives Saitama a serious talk.

Justice Under Siege

Season 2, Episode 10 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

The “Monster Association” claims responsibility for their members’ destructive actions with a message khổng lồ the heroes that doubles as a challenge, giving them three days lớn rescue the hostage Waganma. The nhân vật Association begins preparations for its showdown with the monsters, but Metal Knight refuses their request for support. Elsewhere, eight tough Class A heroes led by Death Gatling track down Garou, who has been weakened by constant fighting. Now the nhân vật hunter is at last surrounded & must face a sustained & coordinated barrage of attacks…

The Varieties of Pride

Season 2, Episode 11 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

The eight heroes have chased Garou down & surrounded him at last. However, using his extraordinary ability lớn quickly read an opponent’s fighting style, Garou begins to lớn counterattack. Then, as the tide of battle turns and all eight of the heroes are taken out, Genos rushes into the fray powered up by an array of new parts. As Genos mercilessly engages the wound-covered Garou in combat, a huge group of monsters from the monster Association suddenly appears và rushes khổng lồ aid the hero hunter by attacking the Demon Cyborg!

The Wiping of the Disciple's Butt

Season 2, Episode 12 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Genos is in the midst of battling Garou when Silverfang & Bomb, who had been on the hero hunter’s trail, join the fray. Bomb uses his Fist of Whirling Wind Slashing Steel to lớn dispatch countless monsters. Garou, already seemingly at death’s door, tries to lớn fend off the attacks of his former master in a merciless showdown of the Fist of Flowing Water Crushing Rock. With Bang raining down blow after withering blow, Garou begins to lose consciousness when the Threat màn chơi Dragon centipede trùm cuối Centichoro storms into the fight. Even King and Saitama eventually get involved in this climactic battle beyond any & all expectations!


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